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Acne Regimen Success

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Finally after 6 months my active acne has all disappeared. Unfortunately using Dan's regimen has caused many of my acnes to have hyperpigmentation and some have actually scarred the tissue on my skin as well as having Hyperpigmentation. I can only assume that these will never be healed (the color is fading very slowly but its still a depressed scar. What should be the next course of action I should take to get rid of my scarring. (PIH, Rolling, Boxcar Scars) Anyone have any surgeries recommended for actual scarring of the face? Did anyone also experience these type of scarring? I know many people get PIH from using Dan's Regimen but I didn't know it would physically scar me. My face is constantly still oily no matter what even though I moisturize as well, what can I do to combat this? I'm very happy, that I finally got rid of all my active acne with Dan's regimen, but at the same time it seems hopeless since I have a face full of scars now. Just want clear skin for one day in my life.

What I Use:

Dan's BP

Dan's Moisturizer

Dan's AHA

Dan's Jojoba Oil

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I don't know about pitted scars... I do have them, but they are mostly from picking, I don't think the Regimen itself (I've used it on and off for three years) has scarred me very much.

As for oily skin... if you are consistently clear, I think this would be a good time to experiment? Maybe try a moisturizer other than Dan's? One with a more matte finish, or one specifically designed for oily skin? Or have you already been through that phase?

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It's doubtful that dan's regimen has caused you to have pitted scarring. Perhaps its just more noticeable now that you are actually clear from acne?

Why don't you head over to the scar forum where you should find some useful information about what people are trying for scar treatment. As for PIH marks, time and AHA should help them to fade, but pitted scarring you may need to look into alternative treatments.

Congratulations on getting clear from acne though, you must feel over the moon! :)

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