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Just Had Cortisone Injections Few Questions

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I went to a dermatologist today and i was told my face had a good deal of acne. I have my acne or my forehead and a lot around my jawline area that are cystlike. I have a few of them and those are cystic pimples. The dermatologist recommended me to do acne surgery ... extraction she mentioned and i kinda did not want to do this b/c i had a bad experience with a an ethestian many years ago plucking my face. The difference was that was in a salon and not a dermatologist. I remembered when i did it, i had holes and my acne was really bad right after it so I said I didn't want to do it.

However i asked if i could get cortisone shots done in my jawline where i have cystic pimples that doesn't seem to go away. Dermatologist did the cortisone injections and it was not painful at all. There were 3 of them done when i checked by bill. Anyways i came back home and then i saw i still had the cystic pimples there... I made the mistake of actually thinking these shots destroyed the cystic pimple on the spot... found out recently it takes a few days or close to 1 week for it to flatten.

Well I got prescribed epiduo for my acne and also solodyn as an antibiotic. I'm told to follow the same regimen i have but use epiduo at night and take solodyn once a day.

My question is should i even start the epiduo cream now after i got the cortisone injections? Should i wait a few days first till it flattens a bit and then use it? Im worried using it might make it worst. I called the office and one of the reps there said it didn't matter you could start now but im thinking i shouldn't use this product on the area of my face yet right after the injections? Should i put anything on these spots where i got the injections? Because im thinking all i should do is wash my face like normal and put aloe vera gel on it or nothing at all and dont put any acne cream on it till few days later?

How long did it take for the cystic pimple to get smaller after the injection? Does it flatten fully or does it not? How soon can you do it again on the same spot if it didn't work? I assume if it doesn't flatten in 1 week, then it didn't work? I read online that ppl mention 2-3 days it should flatten and the cystic pimple should be gone...

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I'd give it a week before deciding it didn't work. And watch out before you get more in the same spot! Go find my atrophy thread, it is NOT pretty. Make sure they're using the lowest dose on you. I know cystic acne sucks, but giant cave ins on your face is worse I assure you.

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Hi i have no idea what dosage they used. I just had it injected pretty quickly. I read about atrophy. Can i have the link to your thread?

However the injections that i was given was in my jawline area so if there is an indention there... I don't mind at all. I would not do an injection on my cheeks though and if there is an indent there that would bother me.

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To anyone that has cortisone injections done on cystic pimples, how long did it take for it to go away? Worried b/c its still the same size and these cystic pimples are not huge. Now if it was huge, i wouldn't be that worried b/c i know a big one takes time but these doesn't seem to change...

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