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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Hi all,

Just want to start by saying I did use the search feature and there were many topics but they were all very old and I didn't want to revive them, plus I figure I'd put a picture of what I'm looking to fade.

It's not necessary to read this all, I will post a tl;dr version afterwards of what I"ve tried so far.

(Okay, maybe not-so) brief overview:

Haven't been on this site in a while. I've had acne since I was 11/12 and either I'm finally out of the phase of getting bad breakouts or I've just found a regimen and am taking better precautions with my make-up because I only get the odd pimple now, which is awesome to say after years of struggling with it.

My one main concern however is the red marks I've been 'blessed' with since around the same age (12/13). I still don't know for sure if they are considered red marks, dark spots, hyperpigmentation or what, but the bottom line is that they have not faded with time so please don't tell me I just need to wait it out. It's been 7+ years already.

I've been to the dermatologist a couple of times. The first one gave me Neostrata as a prescription toner and that did nothing for me. The second guy (just last year) put me on Accutane (I don't even think my breakouts were /that/ bad) and I was on it for a few months. It definitely cleared my skin up --- pimple-wise --- but that wasn't my main concern. I've tried many drugstore cleansers throughout the years to no avail, even a few scrubs. I did Pro-Activ and ordered Zenmed online which I really thought would have helped. Nope.

I recently went for a microdermabrasion treatment (got a cheap one through one of those coupon websites) which did nothing. I was told I should see a little bit of an improvement, then much more with the next 2 or 3 treatments (which I never followed up with because the deal was over). I also went for a spa facial a few years before that and she popped all my zits, including some very deep ones and removed my blackheads, then used some lotions and stuff. That one definitely did help on one side of my face because I had one area on my cheek that had a very big, red mark, and that went away after. She told me there was one more she couldn't get until next time but I never made another appointment because I didn't have the money at the time.

I wanted to try an acid peel but haven't yet, so I figured I'd try some ACV beforehand.

TL;DR version:

- I've been Accutane, had a spa facial which helped a bit, tried Pro-Activ, Zenmed, NeoStrata and had a microdermabrasion treatment

- Main concern is red marks, not pimples

- Have not faded over the course of 7+ years

Now for the ACV portion of this post...


- What is the best water:ACV ratio for dilution? On average, since I know people's skin differs in what they can handle.

- How long does it take to see results?

- Should I do it once a day/night, and keep it on overnight, then wash it off in the morning?

- Can I use my cleanser on top of it (use it before-hand)?

- Has anybody had a positive experience with ACV with problems similar to my own?

Thanks a lot for reading! Hope I can get some answers. smile.png

Sorry for all the writing as well.. I never intend on typing up so much, hahah.







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Here’s what some people use:

1/3 cup water; 1/3 cup organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and a couple squirts of your current body wash or shampoo; and, a drop of Tea Tree Oil.

Mix all ingredients in a cup, get wet, apply mixture to the affected areas, leave on for a couple minutes, and wash off.

Here are some variations that may be better:

The essentials oils called Manuka (pronounced just like the name Monica) and Kanuka are very good subtypes of Tea Tree Oil, and have less of the Vicks Vapor-Rub that cheaper generic Tea Tree Oils have.

You could also add a drop of Holy Basil essential oil (called Tulsi in India) which has a very pleasant clove and cinnamon smell. Tulsi is not the same as culinary basil or ordinary basil essential oil, but the two plants are related to each other, and you probably will have to mail order Tulsi if you want to try it.

Be sure to test small batches on the crook of your arm before you try it all over. When you get the proportions to your liking you can mix a large batch in an empty shampoo bottle.

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