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Relapse Worse Than Before Accutane

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Hi guys, I've finaly decided to join this forum after lurking for a while. Read my story if you want.

I've had severe acne since I was about 13, I went on a round of accutane at 15 and cleared up, I was estacic! I had the confidence to get a girlfriend and start a band and make many new friends. My acne came back after about 3 months, and stayed between mild and moderate for 6 more so I didn't really care. But tragedy struck and after about 8 months off tane, my acne started getting worse and worse and out of control to the point of it being just as bad as pre-tane. It's been the hardest struggle of my life, from going from the sky-high of being clear to depression some days. Other days are a bit better, when I can get my mind off it. Going out with my friends and my girlfriend (she says she hadn't noticed, she must be blind! Haha jk, she's amazing for still staying with me) is a difficult task now. Before when I had severe acne, it sucked, but I was never depressed over it, now it's just made life hell.


Have you other accutane relapsers found it harder to deal with your acne than ever before?

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I hear you hun. I am a three time abuser of accutane and every time it has come back, I feel as if I want to crawl in a deep dark hole and never come out again. This is made worse by the fact that I am turning 30 in a few weeks and still have not found a solution. I have my good days, my OK days and Luke today, my shitty wish it would be over days. Hanging out with friends and family and staying away from mirrors help tremendously but at the end of the day when I am alone again, I once again have to accept the fact that I have acne and I probably will continue to have it for a long long long time. The good news for you is that you are young and acne at your age is seen as totally normal. Don't get jaded, keep fighting the good fight and know that acne is not something that can or should define you.

Good Luck!

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