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Can Positive Feelings Effect How Products Work On Acne?

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Do you think it is possible that feeling optimistic when trying on a new product can heal acne?eusa_think.gif I know it sounds silly but I'd like to think so. What is your opinion?

I mean, isn't that why placebos are given in drug trials to eliminate any psychological effects on the effectiveness of the treatment? Just saying. cool.png

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I think it's more that your emotion can effect your perception of how well a product is or isn't working for your skin rather than that your emotion actually effects how a product works.

I think trying to be more positive about your skin and keeping stress down in general is a good thing for your skin and can help your skin too as stress has been linked to acne.

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Ahaha, I honestly think of this too sometime.. which was why I tried to keep an open mind when starting a product. If you try to look at it logically, I highly doubt It effects the treatment, maybe it makes you much more aware of your skin and the progress of the treatment, but the chemicals are going to do whatever job they will on your face regardless!

The only thing I could think of is if your acne was super stress sensitive or something, and like you said the placebo might just be giving some people piece of mind and therefore less stress, less hormone response, less acne?

One of those mysteries ahaha, but it's interesting to think about !

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Well one thing is certain, it won't make the product less effective or your skin any worse. The only thing it really can do is help.

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