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My Skin Isn't Healing!

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Wtf. Every single pimple that I get now, no matter how big or how long it lasts is leaving a fucking indented scar. I am almost 26 so is this because my skin is getting older?

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To lessen the chance of scarring, try to reduce inflammatory breakouts as much as possible. This may mean you have to consult with a dermatologist to help get your acne under control.Pass up the temptation to pick or squeeze a pimple. Doing so can force debris deeper into the dermis, spreading infection to other tissue and worsening inflammation. Picking at scabs should also be avoided. A scab is the skin's natural "bandage" which protects the wound as it heals. Picking a scab off a wound before it is ready prolongs the healing process and increases chances of scarring.

Even with the most careful treatment, you may develop acne scars. There are procedures that can help minimize the appearance of scarring. If scarring is a concern of yours, don't hesitate to talk to your doctor. He or she can explain the treatment options available to you.


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I'm the same age and the past year this has started to happen with me too, especially with very innocent looking mild surface pimples that for some reason end up healing poorly and cause a scarred pore or an ice-pick scar. I don't know why that is, it's very distressing and then the stress causes more acne etc. Guh. However, since this started happening I've learnt some tricks to prevent a new scar. Firstly, I avoid and am very careful with picking, use sterile thin lancets when I do and only gently prick the surface of the skin with it and afterwards keep everything moisturized. Whenever a pimple starts to dry up and scab, I cover it with bepanthen cream and keep it as moisturized as I can until it falls off on its own (I used to try Terproline Professional for this but it isn't moisturizing enough - so I use that only later on with fresh scars). Hydrocolloid bandaids for a couple of days are a good alternative, but I can't stand the thought of staying at home with bandaids on my face, so I just usually use bepanthen. I'm very careful with scabs and make sure not to touch them accidentally and just keep them very moisturized, which I think really helps with the healing process.

The amount ot scarring has decreased using these methods, although occasionally I still scar due to accidentally running my hand into a dried up surface pimple and dislodging the scab prematurely etc. Luckily I get bad cysts very rarely, but when I do I get rolling scars more easily too. The best way to prevent those is preventing the cysts with proper acne medication or cooling down inflammation with diet/lifestyle if you can.

Oh, and I use hydrocortisone 2.5% cream for cysts, which I think helps with the inflammation. Basically at the first sign of an emerging cyst I cover the area with hydrocortisone as much as I can and keep it on until the cyst has gone down. And the icing method someone has posted is worth a try as well, I'm planning on giving it a try next time around.

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