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People With Oily Skin Please Read!!!!

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Are you one of those people who suffer from oily skin like me?

I've always thought i had oily skin......well, i always knew that within about an hour of walking out of the shower, my face would be SHINY.

i assumed it was OIL, and thats what caused my acne.....

well i was WRONG.

one correalation i made with the shinyness of my skin was that whenever i was stress, or had anxiety attacks...or feeling uncomfortable. ..or when it was extremely hot, my face would be shiny. so....

i took accutane, actually, im still taking accutane, im on my 2 month. anyways, my acne is pretty much gone, accutane did wonders, however, i did experience DRYNESS, my lips are crusty dry, my arms are dry, and so is my scalp, but my FACE IS STILL SHINY!!!!

so i wondered, accutane basically dried out my whole body severely but my face still gets shiny????? especially when i have anxiety attacks, get nervous, and start blushing.........

anyways, i did some research, and found out that i had HYDROSIOS. its a condition when your T2 nerve system is overactive and you SWEAT too much. thats it, its SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT SWEAT FACIAL SWEATING!!!!!!

for about 3 years i always thought i had oily skin, until i realized that when i get nervous i sweat, and i just happen to sweat on my FACE.

Hydrosios can happen in very different places, some people suffer it obviously in their arm pits, or their palms, or neck, and others, on their face. these people have anxiety attacks and their body reacts by EXCESSIVELY SWEATING.

so i realized that i excessively have FACIAL SWEAT.

anyways, there is a surgical procedure that puts a titanium clip on the nerve that affects the anxiety nerves that create sweat, which i am considering. also, there are prescription drugs such as Drysol, that contain Sodium Chloride,that basically prevent your sweat glands from sweating so much.

just thought id mention this cause it was almost like a revelation for me.

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Ok, i had it in March (2 ops) and it has completely ruined my life. And it has done sweet FA for my shiny face.

PLEASE check this link of a site against the op, if I had found it before the ops I wouldn't have had them.


Basically, everyone is left with Compensatory Sweating. Before the op I had underarm and facial sweating. Now my back is constantly (24/7) running with sweat, thighs soaking, feet, and worst of all my underarm and face still sweat. I leave wet patches sitting on seats, clothes look wet and all the people that have had this op say it gets worse and you have it for life. It has ruined me. eusa_wall.gif

And there's nothing I can do for it.

Try the prescription drugs, i wish I could go back to them. I also get a weird tingling sensation and sweating top lip when I eat certain foods. My body thermostat is fucked; i'm hot/cold constantly. Have to sleep with windows open even tho it's like near freezing outside. I wake up in a wet bed cos it's soaked through.

The thing is, all the people who've had it get these side effects and the surgeons tell you "the side effects vary in people" but just read the website I've linked to above. It's been banned in Taiwan and other places. And people are campaigning to have it banned in the UK.

Sorry for ranting on but I just wanna protect other people like you from making a BIG mistake.

Keep it real

xxxxxxxx eusa_angel.gif

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