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Starting The Regimen- Advice On Products

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Hi, I've suffered from acne for the last 10 or so years and tried various treatments with varying degrees of success.

I'm currently taking doxycycline tablets which seem to keep breakouts at bay but also seem to cause some irritating side effects (teeth grinding) and I'm keen to come off of antibiotics so I thought I would give the regimen a try.

I live in the UK so can't buy from here.

I went to the chemist and I have bought clean and clear exfoliating wash to go along with clean and clear dual action moisturiser which I already use and I like.

The issue is the bp. I asked for 2.5 but all they had was quinoderm which on closer inspection is bp 10% (I thought it was 0.5). I assume this is too high a strength? What would you recommend? Thanks alot

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first of all you'll need a really gentle face wash and moisturizer - both of those youre using contain salicylic acid which is drying by itself, BP makes your skin really dry and to add that on top would make your face red raw :( Cetaphil cleanser/moisturizer are great for the regimen, you can get them in boots/asda.

I'm in the UK and I order the BP from here - specifically amazon.com because the postage is cheaper. For an 8oz tube its around £18 with postage which works out about £5 cheaper for the same amount of Quinoderm, which i really do not reccomend because its so so strong. Even 2.5% BP makes your skin quite dry at first.

Also, dont give up on the regimen - it will make your skin really dry and you'll probably break out for about the first 8 weeks, but you just have to stick through it. Its totally worth it :D

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Thanks for the advice, I used the cleanser today and could instantly tell that it wouldn't be usable on a daily basis.

So I should type acne.org bp into Amazon or what?

I've used duac in the past with good results so my skin is quite used to it, in fact it started to become a bit immune to it. I will take the quinoderm back and get some of that stuff from boots.

Luckily my skin is only moderate these days but its frustrating to get constant breakouts when everyone your age has long passed the phase. I do still get a lot of blackheads and clogged pores though, is the regimen good for this?

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