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Human Growth Hormone (Hgh) With Scar Treatment

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So I am pretty big into weight lifting and fitness. A few guys at my gym are running HGH for both performance and recovery. One of them ran it after elbow surgery and believed that it accelerated his recovery process and his doctor agreed. This got me thinking about acne scarring. I did some research and found that HGH has been shown to help burn victims recover faster and spend less time in the hospital. Some other studies called it a collagen builder but I am not sure in what sense.

Anyway, could this possibly be combined with an ablative laser or other common scarring procedure to maximise recovery and give better results?

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Bump, I am also into bodybuilding and would be interested in hearing whether running this compound would also benefit my acne scar recovery between things like subcision and infini in addition to my physique.

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@Gary_6100 This belong in Prescription sub not scars, a search of this site's forum will pull up several posts with bad results of using HGH.

Why are we bumping a topic from 2013, ... this is outdated.

HGH "like"" any steriod is dangerous and synthetic (of course it's a synthetic peptide), ... it's illegal to talk about here unless your under the care of a physician who has prescribed it for you.

As such they would be best to answer your questions as it can have dire side effects while achieving the goals body builders use it for.  There are no short cut's in life and sadly with HGH it stimulates more acne and thus scarring by it's usage. Doing a google search for HGH and acne will come back with several serious results. It can damage your whole endocrine system (hormonal - glandular damage). 

More hormones = More acne = More scars ( read the body building forums they often have side effects including scarring / acne, like a pre-pubescent tanager with hormones out of control)


HGH is exactly what is involved in anabolic steroids. I don't understand how you people don't know this. And I would bet a good sum of money that your acne is caused by your strength supplements because HGH and working out = testosterone surge = unnatural hormonal fluctuation = acne.

Human growth hormone has to be prescribed by a doctor, an endocrinologist to be exact. If its not dispensed by a doctor, than its not HGH or you are using it illegally and that could have dire side effects.

Human growth hormone is known to cause the secretion of IGF-1 which is linked to acne because it stimulates the production of testosterone. Growth hormone is no different from anabolic steriods or should I say even worse because it affects so many parts of the body. Its produce at most during puberty.

Acne is caused when excess androgens are secreted in the skin of a person. These androgens increase the fatty acid composition, when people perspire. The oil or sebum secretion in the skin also increases with the administration of excess androgens and can lead to acne. It is known that, is released in large quantities during adolescence. Acne is most commonly seen in the adolescent stage, and hence, treatment of growth hormone in synthetic form during puberty should be done carefully, with proper dosage and under the physician's care.


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Hey @beautifulambition HGH is not a steroid, it is a peptide. They are two completely different compounds.

HGH does not cause suppression of the pituitary gland (natural producer) and has vastly different mechanisms of action then steroids. HGH also has no androgenic effects (excess sebum, acne, etc.)

It is very often prescribed hollywood celebrities for its potent anti aging (collagen synth.) effects and it is also used under the table in just about any proffessional sport you can think of due to its nearly unmatched soft tissue healing capacity.

I can understand the taboo attatched to discussing such a topic on a forum with a lot people who are desperate to find that "magic pill" but there is no harm in trying to generate a discussion for what could possibly be a (albeit very expensive since HGH costs $$$) breakthrough in combination scar treatment.

I am a medicine student btw.


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@Gary_6100 I have move this to the appropriate forum. I said "like" above- this as missed in your response, of course it's a "syntetic" peptide and causes hormonal imbalances. I frankly do not care who uses it in Hollywood they are doing all sorts of drugs illegally, don't get me started on Michael Jackson and being prescribed __________. 

No medical professionals are allowed to post here on acne.org. As such if they have access to drugs or information it is up to them to do trials on themselves or used peer reviewed data. It's not viable, we have known this for years. Even being a "medical student," you are not allowed under the law to use these items illegally, what you do privately I do not care about - but we are on a public monitored forum here.

HGH does not heal scars, we have known this for years, read the various posts, as a medical student you can search above and see it is not effective. If you need a higher level of peer reviewed studies, perhaps it would be best to discuss this on realself.com or other spaced where real Dr's post regarding subjects. 

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