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Come on guys, don't let acne get you down..

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I have to admit that my face acne isn't as bad as the acne in that pic as recently its gotten better but it has looked like that in the past.

You know what i don't get is IF britney spears really DOES have acne, then how does she cover it up so well? I mean even using lots of make up/concealer or even the best make up artists in the world are incapable of covering it up completely especially in the sunlight.

Direct sunlight reveals EVERYTHING on your face even if you've got loads of make up/concealer on. I can't help but think that some sicko(s) on the internet have made up pictures of 'A' list celebrities and just edited their pictures so that it looks like they have acne thus comforting people like us.

You shouldn't always trust or believe what you see and especially not on the internet.

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i would say that diet and lifestyle would not cause acne, but if you're acne prone it would def contribute, not to mention she smokes heavily too. That and the stress of being just her on a day to day basis must be hard. No wonder she breaks out.

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I guess you're right

but why was she walkin around without any makeup and with her hair all up like that? it looks like it's either:

somebody else

or she was intentionally trying to look like somebody else so people wouldn't bother her.

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You should still take care of the acne, otherwise if you are acne-scarred prone, you will be scarred for life, there is no fun in that. cry.gif

Stop worrying about your acne so much, it isn't a big deal, when my acne was worse, i was still able to have a good time...

look at britney spears, she has pretty bad acne but she still is one of the hottest chicks ever and makes millions


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I just saw her on a commercial for Proactiv today saying something like "It completely changed my skin!"

Well now I feel better because Proactiv didn't do crap for me either...

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whoa, i've never seen her look that bad. It's amazing what makeup can cover. Couldn't she just go to the derm and get something to get rid of the red marks? She's rich enough. But anyway, I give her props for not caring what she looks like, heh.

edit, if you look at the other pictures, it doesn't look as bad. That pic must have been taken with flash...it tends to highlight everything.

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