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Will Somebody At Least Tell Me What These Marks/scar Are? Hyperpigmentation Or What? Please Help!

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Hi guys ive been getting alot of random different answers on what these marks can somebody straight up tell me exactly what they are/ Look like and i will be happy so i will no what to research and look for on how to treat it properly.. I cant upload them again but you c an click this link on a post that i made!

Thanks so much in advance :)

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Posted (edited)

Hiya! biggrin.png

Were there pics in your other post? I couldn't see them but I could just be blind. If you don't want to post any piccies in a thread but wish to PM them to me I'm cool with that. wink.png

Red marks are a pain in the butt, but they're not scars. I read that you were using BP, is this still the case? If so I encourage you to stop using it. It does help active acne but it also hinders the healing process, dries your skin out and I personally think that using BP helped to create some of my scarring and almost all of my redness! I no longer use it myself (after using it for at least a year) and instead I have switched to products containing glycolic acid and salicylic acid. These acids are a million times better to treat acne and will help to fight redness, instead of add to it. In everyday skin care products they're not "acids" as in burning, peeling acids... I wasn't very clear. They're very low in concentration in, at around 5%. Glycolic acid is what's called an Alpha Hydroxy (AHA) acid and salicylic acid is called a Beta Hydroxy (BHA) acid. Together they are extremely effective at combating even the worst cases of acne.

Today, I have no redness at all! After some laser treatments though I have some pigmentation problems under my eyes. The only thing that has been helping to lighten this are pumpkin peels... and what's in this? Besides pumpkin pulp, AHA's and BHA's! Only unlike in everyday products their concentration is much higher. After only two pumpkin peels my pigmentation issues are so much better.

I'll wait for you to tell us a bit more about your redness before I waffle on too much more. smile.png Can you tell us what you have tried in the past to treat the redness, as well as what it looks like?

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