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Managing The Regimen And Work/school

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Hey guys. I'll try to keep this short, but I do appreciate any and all advice you might have for me. (So please hear me out).

Basically, I've been finding it a bit troublesome lately managing the regimen during days that I have to get up early for school or work. I usually have to get up over an hour earlier than I normally would, mostly because my moisturizer takes forever to dry up (it's the moisturizing lotion from Cetaphil, which is really great but basically covers my face with a white mask. I have really dry skin so I have to use a pretty big amount for it to be effective). After that I basically just sit there doing nothing, waiting for it to dry - which takes forever. I just feel like it's a waste of time when there might be a more quick and efficient way to moisturize.

Another problem is that during the day, the lotion will reactivate itself if it comes into contact with sweat (and I sweat easily), which basically leaves white residues all over my face that are very noticable. I already checked if it might be the BP acting up - but the problem persists even on days where I skip the BP.

Now, I thought I might solve both of these problems with a transparent or translucent moisturizing gel - that way it wouldn't be as noticable on my face and I could probably leave for school/work earlier since it's not as visible. The problem is that I've been looking everywhere and I can't seem to find a moisturizer that is both good for acne-prone skin, and transparent. I try to look for the term 'gel', but in many places they list the moisturizer as a gel even when it's white. I would be forever grateful if someone out there have any suggestions.

If you stuck with me for this long, then thanks for listening. I really would appreciate any and all tips or tricks you might have for any of this because I'm kinda tearing my hair out at this point.

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I sort of have the same problem with the Cetaphil lotion. Although I love it as my night time moisturizer, for the day, it can be more troublesome. I live in a tropical country so its almost always warm and it takes forever for the cetaphil to absorb.

I use the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel from Clinique. I spend about $60 on it and it lasts me about 3-4 months. If you live in the US, then you can get it cheaper. About $25 I think. Anyway, I use two pumps of that, plus another moisturizer with SPF and a couple of drops of jojoba oil. It absorbs really nicely and doesn't give you that greasy look during the day.

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