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Acne Returning After Accutane - What Next?

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Hi all,

I finished a course of Accutane approx mid April this year. I was on it a long time and although much of that time was at a low dose I did get up to 100mg by the end. My derm thought it was the best time to stop (I wasn't so sure) as he felt my skin was clear and basically I had been on it long enough. I was concerned that I could still feel the occasional 'bump' under the skin but he didn't seem concerned.

Anyway, now less than 2 months later I have the return of acne cysts on my back & bottom. The greasy skin is slowly / mildly starting to return to my 'T Zone' on my face and I'm starting to notice a few blackheads again.

I have over a month to go before my final follow up with the derm........ but what I am wondering is does anyone know if it is possible to run a second course of Accutane so soon after the first?

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I would call and speak with your dermatologist because I am not sure if that is quite enough time. I just started my second course of Accutane today!!!! UGH! So I know the feeling. I was clear for about six years though. I have read a few studies that say about 20% of Accutane patients need a second course.

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Before doing a second course so soon, why not stay ahead of acne and try to incorporate a topical. Sometimes topicals work better after accutane. Also, i suggest you look into diet changes just so that you can rule it out as a possible contributor

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