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advice/tips for a frustrated teen

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I already have those purple dark color acne scars from over three years ago still on my face, which isn't pleasant for me at all. Then to add on to that, I get pimples on my face frequently, eventually becoming filled with white stuff within a day. And Some get big, some just stay their normal size. I drink water and wash my face at least twice a day also. I dun really like these random, almost daily, "sprouting" of white-filled-acne on my face. I already used Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne Wash a few years ago, which had no effect at all. Now I use some japanese brande Kanebo Naiva which my friend advised me to use, but no effect on the pop-ups of these annoying white zits.

I was jes wonderin if anyOne had any adivce to give me of what I should do to control this and what I can possibly use to get rid of the scars I already have. thanks for help

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And if you have any pictures of yourself contact Dan for a password and username and you could show your pics in the gallery so we could see how it looks......that way it would be easier coming up with some kind of treatment. KEEP THE FAITH!!!


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I read about the regimen, but i have questions. Isn't benzoyl peroxide the main ingredient to the regimen? I hear some people say that it doesn't work even for 10%, or it's too dry or stuff.

Then the regimen works for people with already much acne, but what about to prevent future breakouts? applying benzoyl peroxide is just the outside right?

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