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I have had acne since I was 12, and after decades of OTCs, expensive prescriptions, dermabrasions ( three to be exact), and a face lift, I can honestly tell you what may be the best possible solution to rid yourself of daily erruptions. I won't go into the long details of what hasn't worked, just to fast forward to what I have found that does!! The very BEST over the counter products I have, and still do use, are Old Grandpas sulphur soap, Bye Bye Blemish (sulpur based drying lotion, not really a lotion sold in a glass bottle, not the cream), and pure african black soap. The african black soap is not sold in regular stores, it is something I find online and has only organic ingredients, and the sulphur soap I use when I take a shower to wash my face after I use the african black soap. If you get the african black soap, don't leave in on your skin too long or it will really irritate it. You can feel it work, that's when you rinse it off. Wash with the grandpas soap, and leave that on for a bit, it does the drying of the oils. For those gals that are embarrased "being naked" with their skin, then use the bye bye blemish to cover up and also heal. This is a fantastic OTC, one of a kind that was only available by prescription when I was in my teens. The main ingredient is the sulphur. It is a natural and powerful ingredient that is even used to help heal many other skin conditions. What I found with the african black soap is that it may be somewhat irritating at first, doesn't cause new breakouts, but can slowing bring up to the skin and illiminate those that are underlying. After my 30's, I was beginning to get those hard, knobby pimples that would not come to the surface and would not go away. The african black soap made my skin newly thin and the "knobbies" worked themselves out. I no longer get those. And, I don't get those horrible quarter-sized cysts any longer either. I will note that some of the OTC products that I DON'T BUY AND NEVER USE ARE: multi-care toothpaste (use pepsodent or something without tarter control), gloopy white-based lotions or creams, red commercial dye (in foods or makeup), and splenda (switch to blue packet sweetner). All of those cause cystic acne for me, and since I've quit using them, my cystic acne is gone. While all of these products and not-to-use products may not be for everyone, I can say that after 20 years of trial and error, this is the best and only products I'll use.

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Glad you've found something that works well for your skin... Best of luck on your continued journey to clear skin... :)

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