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What Else Can I Do For My Acne Scars?

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Hello guys! Im concerned about my scars left from acne in my teens, to get rid of my acne I went under an accutane treatment with my dermatologist for a while and now im 24 and last november I had a laser treatment that helped my scars. Currently Im getting microdermabrasion every 3 weeks, this coming tuesday is my second appointment. I have been thinking about dermaroller since I do not want anything as abrasive as the laser for now. Thanks for your help! And good luck as well! :)post-210645-0-78004500-1370837406.jpgpost-210645-0-12576700-1370837420.jpg



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Continue putting benzoyl peroxide on your skin and nothing else on it. As long as you don't get anymore acne. Start taking vitamin C tablets and Zinc tablets to naturally speed the healing process of your skin, better to take orally then risk putting it on your face riskin a breakout.

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Hi fleurverte,

Dermarolling is a great option, but it is very very important that you skin is acne free when you start rolling. Any active acne can cause new scars.

My scars are very similar to yours and dermaroller made them less visible. I highly recommend it!

Go for it! :):)

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i've started taking vitamins(c, b-complex, and zinc) since 3 months ago. i noticed my skin is slightly getting better and better.

for the red spots, bp might help reducing hyperpigmentation. but i personally recommend a very light peel for red marks. i use lactic acid up to 10% at least 3 months apart each peel. i also use facial wash brush every other night to help exfoliation process.

Good luck OP!

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