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First of all my name is dino, ive been a member on this forum for about 2 years, i think........i suffered from acne for years, tried numerous things without any success. Ever since i found out about dans regiment i have been almost comepletely clear.......my face looked so bad i would be embaressed to go out.....if you want go to my profile and find my previous post's , you'll see me complaining about how horrible my life is lol .......

I work at rite aid, its a small store so i do everything from stock to cashiering .....today i was on the register and a kid walked in and went and got a "clean and clear" 10% benzoil peroxide cream .......... When he came to pay for it i told him that neutrogena on spot 2.5 % benzoil peroxide was 10 times better , so he went and got it , and i started explaining how to use it the right way and about how people really dont know how to wash their face right and i told him about acne.org also about how i had acne and how cause of the regiment i stay decently clear, and the kid turns to me and sais, well it must be working cause your really clear ! lol i was thinking to myself , who ? me ? im clear ? Cant describe how happy that made me........ at the begining i thought he was joking but then i looked in the mirror and i really was clear..........

I was so glad i could help this kid ....he was telling me about how he tried proactive and how it didnt work............

I think most people dont understand how acne can affect you .... i wasted years hideing ,years that i will never get back .....i could of been years ahead of my life ..........but yeah im totally glad i could help, just seeing him there picking out a benzoil peroxide cream just doing the best he can to get clear really upset the shit out of me...... man no one should have to go through that .......

Im not very good with words and i just wish i could express how thankful i am to Dan and to everyone here who helped.......

I just wanted to say to everyone , keep your head up and keep experimenting with the regiment cause it honestly works.......... I only wash my face once a day and put on BP once ........2 times a day is way was too much for my skin and also i dont use moisterizer very often cause i dont need it.....also if i put BP on my face i never put moisterizer over it cause that has proven to be too much for my skin , the BP drys and the lotion moistens it and its like me putting on BP again and i always burn my face.....

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That is awesome! I often want to tell people, but don't know how, but you grabbed an opportunity. That is great.

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That was a great story...very nice of you to help him...I feel the same way as you when someone tells me how nice my skin is..me? are you talking to me?! this board has changed my life,as I type this my face is 99% clear from a combination of Dan's regime and "the acne cure" regime..I am 42 years old and it makes me sad how many years of pain I had to go thru...28 to be exact, so many missed times,but oh well things are different now,and i'm enjoying it all. you should be proud of yourself for helping that kid,you probabley saved him a lot of the pain you,I and others have had to deal with..good luck to you, Steve

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