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Anything not ordinary which the public sees is bound to get attention.Scars are not ordinary.So they stare and sneer.The public also does consists of some very callous older individuals who it seems have not learnt anything from their big life.You may say their life has been a waste smile.png . Next time you see an old granny snubbing you because of your scars ,call her "Waste life".

Because we should not respect individuals because of their age.Instead we should respect them because of their actions wink.png

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People who never sen really bad skin ususally stare.

Use this regimen 2 pumps of bp and 2 pumps of cetaphil moisturizer mixed with 30 drops of jojoba oil. Use CVS oilpads to wipe away shine. Your breakouts will stop immediately and within 2 weeks all existing pimples will be gone.

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I´ve been dealing with this my entire freaking life.unsure.png One of the most things that really bother me is when people stare at me, if they a re guys i actually don´t mind at all. Which is obvious a guy is going to stare at a girl wink.png , but what i hate the most is when girls stare at me. Sometimes i can see that, they are not really staring at my skin, they are just staring at my hair, my cloths, my shoes, etc. It really bothers me because staring is very rude, you can look at someone but do not stare at that person to the point of making that person feel uncomfortableblink.png . I don´t like it ! and when it happens the first thing i do is either stare at them backmellow.png but in a very mean way like ´´What the heck are you staring at me for? or keep staring at them until they take their eyes out of me.

One time i was at the supermarket and there was this girl who was staring at me, non stop! like she had her eyes on me all the time to the point i got tired and said to her ´´stop staring at me, it bothers me!!´´ she turn pale so did her mother who was, standing right besides her. My mother got very angry at me saying you cannoteusa_naughty.gif tell people not to stare at you, sometimes they stare at you because maybe they find you attractive or they like what you are wearing. I try to understand that and sometimes when they are people staring at me am like ´´Ok, Evelin, calm down, this people might be staring at you because maybe they find, something interesting in you, they are not doing it to bother you´´ but sometimes i just get so angry and frustrated.

One of my best friends told me to be thankfull that people stare at me, that shows me that they might be interested in me and that you are the center of the attention. But i don´t like to get stare it doesn´t matter if it is, because of my skin, my hair, my cloths or even the way i talk DON´T STARE IS RUDE!!!. angry.png

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