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Red Marks And Indented Scars

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I have red marks all over and around 8 indented scars I go to a dermatologist he says they will go away on their own. I do not break out at all anymore. Will they ever go away and how bad is it? My foundation covers the redness very well it's just the indents are horrible for my confidencepost-180896-0-13664700-1369621602_thumb.post-180896-0-42464900-1369621619_thumb.

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They look like just basic hyper-pigmentation marks, I have quite a few on my cheeks and chin. They usually heal on their own but it takes a few months, something like AHA will likely help speed up the process. You mention that you don't break out anymore so you shouldn't have to deal with them anymore in the future once these ones heal.

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Yes, they'll fade easily...skin cells are renewed every month and collagen takes 2 or 3 months to reform...just eat very healthy and gently exercise daily for 10 or 30 minutes to encourage inner health (so it shows in your skin)...and try fresh veg/ fruit juicing daily. A quality multivitamin/ mineral would also be beneficial. You could also try a scoop of super green powder in your daily juice (chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass/ wheat grass) which is highly beneficial for everyone.

Also, use VERY gentle, nourishing, natural topicals to encourage cell renewel (no chemical based acne products, no BP and no harsh washes!)...I wouldn't advise you to use any peels or exfoliants either...less is more in your case...I keep raising the merits of beta glucan liquid from New Directions which is natural, very soothing and healing. It would help you. I wouldn't even recommend skin needling to you. However, if they don't dissipate on their own in 2 years, you might want to try using beta glucan with a very short rollerderma for needling i.e. .25mm or less (from www.clearskincare.com.au).

Also, have a look at reputable scar therapy products that contain quality natural & gentle products. Research their ingredients extensively and read reviews of their products too before buying.

Personally, I don't think you need AHA's either...you don't want to ruin the skin's natural lipid barrier. As they say, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it!'. So, IMO AHA's, glycolic acid, skin peels etc are totally unnecessary in your case, they are only necessary for moderate/ severe scarring (and if not used correctly can further damage skin - so avoid if possible, they are a last resort only - which you don't need IMO). You don't want to negatively affect your entire face for just a few scars that will heal naturally! So keep it very gentle and just treat the scars.

You might want to check out Pure Skin Junkie products, they seem okay, although I've not tried them yet. Whatever you choose, stick with natural, gentle products or none at all...

Hope this helps you smile.png

PS you could try 30 minute massages nightly over your scars using beta glucan liquid (I don't recommend using oils like evoo for massaging ). It's definitely helping my skin...try it daily for 2 weeks and see how it goes....at least test on one scar and see how it responds...lastly, rosehip oil might be good...I haven't tried it yet, but I'm looking into using it...

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You honestly look fine! time will heal everything, try to avoid unnecessary irritants and products. if you really want them gone there are laser treatments that could help. Just stay positive and don't dwell on them :) Best of luck

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Thanks so much for the positive comments makes me feel like my skin isn't all that bad I just want them gone my patience is running out with them!

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Red Marks go away on their own, they always do.

Indented marks NEVER go away on their own. Fortunately I cant see any indented marks from the photos you displayed.

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Indented scars DO go away on their own.

I suffer with almost exactly the same as you (don't be fooled by my photo, this was taken before i got acne last year - its what i want to get back!)

My mam had the same type of skin as this (worse actually) and was left with horrible scars. Now her skin is perfect! she looks really young and no indented or red scars at all! She said her secret was using anti-wrinkle scream from the age of 25 but also says they fade anyway with time.

I have started using anti-wrinkle cream about 3 weeks ago (which boosts collagen) and i am already noticing a difference (although i still have a long way to go)

I have been to a dermatologist before as well and he said the red marks will be gone in 6 months (mine are taking a little longer but my skin heels really slowly!) and that my indented scars will take 1-2 years (so i am thinking mine will be closer to 3 years!)

Hope this helps xxxxx

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