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Hey everyone,

I was wondering what your routine is when you go surfing? I've noticed my skin gets super dry and I don't know what to do to avoid this.

In general: I'm so frustrated with the regimen because I get red/brwn spots after I breakout and my skin gets flaky. I've inherited my mother's skin, japanese, and don't know how to take care of it...moderate acne with 1 or 2 cysts chin/cheek area once a month. I've been on the regimen for many years, although I don't follow exactly. The process is too long! It's embarassing, I feel embarassed if staying the night at a friends...it's like I have to be OCD with my skin :(

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Hi Alohapa,

First of all, STOP using Benzoyl Peroxide. Trust me, it will COMPLETELY ruin your skin. I'm acne free now but the damage done to my skin after using BP and other toxic acne products for years was major....however, I've conquered most of the scarring now, but it took YEARS to undo. It also should never be used if you're in the sun often, so you are damaging your skin significantly and will develop pigmentation spots and rough complexion i.e. leathery skin (trust me, I KNOW THROUGH EXPERIENCE!).

Secondly, if you surf, your skin should be really healthy, as sea salt water is fabulous for the skin and rids acne. This means your diet must be atrocious. You must stop eating dairy and stop eating/ drinking all artificial, toxic GMO, processed foods/ drinks like: junk foods, sodas, coffees, teas, chips, microwave foods, fried foods, processed sauces, vinegars etc. Instead, you must make EVERY mouthful nutritious and delicious with mostly raw, vegan, organic, superfood, wholefoods, fresh juices/ spring water i.e. lots of seeds, fruits, nuts, avocado and salads; also thai steam vegies with coconut milk, brown rice, cayenne pepper, turmeric and tempeh or vegan chicken strips; baked potato/ sweet potato and hummus/ quinoa/ lentils/ fresh lemon juice; thinly cut raw kale/avocado/ red onion/ mixed nuts/ flaxseed oil/ salt + pepper/ tomatoe/ sprouted chickpeas etc; spring water/ fresh juices; for treats - airpopped popcorn with fresh lemon juice and sea salt/ 85% vegan dark chocolate/ natural dried fruits without sulphites etc

Thirdly, detox: try chlorella daily & freshly made vegetable/ fruit juices daily like beetroot/ apple/ apple/ ginger (and also a scoop of super green powder with chlorella/ spirulina/ barley grass [and wheat grass optional] with fresh juice daily.

Fourthly, take a quality multivitamin/ mineral supplement daily & exercise gently daily (10 mins to 30 mins).

Fifthly, take care of your skin: i.e you can try the following which has done wonders for my skin & will help you too:

1. Beta Glucan liquid: You can buy it here: http://shop.newdirections.com.au/Raw-Materials-Cosmetic-Ingredients/Active-Ingredients/Beta-Glucan-Liquid-Active-Ingredients

2. Gentle Skin Cleansing Lotion $4.40 (100mls) http://shop.newdirec...=41063&x=58&y=6

3. Never tried these but they might be good?? http://www.mederma.com/products or this http://www.civantski...p/products.html



PPS Keep researching natural remedies till you find a natural system of nutrients etc that works for you and stop using toxic acne chemicals like BP!!!

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