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Oil Free Foundation - Es Double Wear Light & Revlon Colourstay, Really?

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Hi All

I am still searching (UK) for a suitable oil free light foundation that won't break me out. I am currently using a mineral powder foundation but still having problems with this so thought I would try to find a suitable liquid foundation.

Recently I have looked at Estee Lauder double wear light and Revlon Colourstay. I got a sample of the double wear light from the counter but when I went to try it out at home I found that it felt quite heavy and when I tried to mix water a few drops of water with it to loosen it up I found that the water would not mix and it appears to have some kind of oil or wax base to it, despite claiming to be oil free. I didn't want to risk applying it on my face as it seemed bound to clog my pores so I tried it out on my arm and it seemed just like an oily sunscreen and it took several applications of face wash to get rid of it (it was too dark so I could easily see that it hadn't washed off at first).

I then tried out the Revlon Colourstay as well as Boots No 7 Beautifully Matt foundation and found they both had the same oily finish which seems to coat the skin and surely must be pore clogging.

It's quite a long time since I wore liquid foundation so are all foundations heavy and waxy like this now? I remember years ago when I used to use an Almay foundation (not available in the UK now) that I always used to mix it with a little water to let it down and give a lighter coverage.

Does anyone know of a truly oil free, water based foundation?

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I am also from the UK and I used both of those foundations for a good year each, and during all that time I was pretty clear. (I also used to use Almay before it got discontinued here!) I loved the lasting power of the EL DW light and I thought it was very matte. The only reason I stopped wearing it really was because the lightest shade wasn't pale enough for me and it was a bit too yellow toned especially in winter. It is a bit hard to remove but the plus side is it stays put on oily skin. Revlon didn't break me out and I didn't find it oily but it was a bit heavier I think. I wanted to find something better so I tried samples of nearly every foundation available in the UK! Mainly because I was really struggling to find something the right colour, I guess I must be a bit unusual. Most things had a bit of "dewiness" which could be interpreted as oiliness. Except perhaps YSL teint resist, that was very matte, but also hard to remove. I settled with Dior, I LOVE it because it is only thing I found that was the right colour. (However good the finish etc you just look wrong if it's the wrong colour...) It seems a bit oily and sometimes I blot my face right after I put it on before concealer and powder but as I said most things seem to be like that. I have just accepted that - I know it won't break me out, and I get around the problem with blotting sheets and powder.

Anyway, I'd recommend giving the ELDW light a go on your face. Do you use brushes? I find a foundation brush makes a big difference especially with foundations that set fast like the two you mentioned. Most good quality foundations won't clog your pores and break you out so I'd just find a foundation you like and not worry about that.

Edit: I just checked the YSL teint resist is truly oil free and it did feel like it so it might be worth trying some samples of that?

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I suspect the waxy, water resistant feeling substance in those foundations is actually silicone, not oil.

Personally, I LOVE Revlon Colorstay whipped, the liquid version was OK, it gets the job done.

However, the whipped is GREAT. I have tried a few other drug store brands and none of them have as much coverage as this, and Revlon's colour seems to suit me the most without a weird yellow/orange undertone to it.

And to answer your question for oil free and water base foundation...

I would suggest trying out for mineral powder foundation instead of liquid. Liquid foundation is made for more coverage + stability + long lasting. Whereas mineral powder provides light ~ medium coverage but have the simplest ingredients in it.

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My Daughter has bought MANY recently!

She liked MAC but found it didnt stay matt.

No7 do an oil free which gave good coverage but looked "cakey" if you have dry patches from medication.

Just bought Clinique which the dermatologist recommended and seems to give coverage, stay matt and is not too "set" looking.

As most are £25 + its a big expense to keep trying different ones!

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The reason the water didn't mix is because foundations are silicone based (which is suitable for acne and non-comedogenic).

Revlon colorstay used to be good, now it's not. Must have changed the formula.

This is what you need:

- w7 Camera Ready Primer

- Estée Lauder Double Wear

- Real Techniques Buffing Brush (to apply the foundation)

- Elf HD Powder (not for flash photography though, trust me)

If the foundation needs sheering out/is too heavy then you can mix it with a small amount of your moisturiser.

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