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when do acne go away?

it's one very difficult question.

so the answer is "we're clueless".

but i'd still want ur opinion on what u think is likely to happen.

is it similar to what ur family tree says?

do parental acne story usually matches with their offsprings?(i repeat USUALLY!!)

do one usually grow out(or get rid) of acne at a age(more or less) when their parents(either mum,dad or both) had grown out of it(got rid of it)?


my father never had acne.infact according to him even his sisters/brothers din't have acne.

i can only guess that they must have had a zit or two in years but certainly no big trouble.

my mother actually did have acne.which was quite similar to mine if not less.

but she'd grown out of it in her early 20s or so.(i am not sure about what age that happened)

also,my maternal sister who had acne since her teenage days(13-14yrs of age)(moderate to severe i could call it!) has grown out of it when she turned more or less 21-22.

she is mostly clear except for some clogged pores here and there.(it's a huge thing for her because she's got mild PCOS and cycle issues)

i am kinda curious about what u think about my family pedigree and its relation to me in general?

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My father had acne from about 17 until 22, he tells me it was bad, compares what I've gone through to what he went through, I got acne at 14/15 and still struggle with it now at 31, I've been through a lot of SERIOUSLY bad times with it, almost as bad as it gets though I've seen worse. But I've never actually even met anyone who has gone through it like I have, I'm the only person my age that I know who struggles with it like I do, everyone I know has clear skin and you can absolutely bet I take way better care of my skin than all of them.

My mother never had acne.

My eldest brother never had a spot in his life.

My next older brother had mild acne for a few months in his teens.

My sister never had a spot in her life.

I had digestive and constipation problems from I was about 6, I believe this is what has led to my condition.

The dan kern routine works for me, but I don't like it and began looking for a better alternative years ago, but always fell back on it.

Since 2 weeks ago I've been doing the oil cleansing method and my skin has never looked better, no new spots and everything healing well, I don't know why I didn't try it before, it just seemed so unintuitive, but now it makes sense to me and definitely works for me.

I've just started using magnesium oil for my back which really seems to be working, and also started sunbeds today.

Hopefully this will work for me, all natural too. I loved Dans routine to begin with but I soon started to feel like it was ruining and prematurely ageing my skin.

But to answer your question, there is no answer, acne can be a real tough cookie to crack as we all know.

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I am very sorry to hear u had to go through bad times.i understand u.

u're right most 31 yo doesnt have acne issues.

there's a reason ppl usually say that acne is a teenage problem..because there is no denying that most(maximum NOT ALL) People grow out of it after either teenage or atleast in their early 20s.

but sometimes either hormonal or diet-related acne remains.

did u find out the cause of urs?

what i meant asking is does it USUALLY found somehow related to family trees?

for u its certainly not.

but IN GENERAL i wonder what the answer is!

btw,by oil cleansing did u mean this - http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/ ??

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Neither of my parents had acne. My mum had the occasional spot, but that's it. She does have large pores on her nose and oily skin (more so than myself), but doesn't get acne from it.

I believe my acne was caused by me reacting to a single spot. I remember a few occasions getting a spot, being urged to pop it (by my mum that isn't all that educated in acne and the dangers of popping) and to lather it in all the products I could get my hands on. I remember literally covering my face every 5 minutes in the most harsh astringents, full of alcohol and acne treatment on my face - I repeated it the minute the first coat dried...I seriously believed I was helping my skin. I went on to use alcohol pads, face wipes, creams, harsh cleansers and more OTC crap.

Boy do I wish I could go back and tell myself the damage I was causing. After that my skin just got progressively worse, so yeah, I believe my acne is self-inflicted. When I was around 14, I went through a phase where literally didn't wash my face at all because I used to stay up all night on games and then sleep all day and then repeat the next night...that was the clearest my skin has been in a long time.

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Well since acne is caused by different things its safe to say that for acne to clear up it really does depend on the circumstances that make it come about in the first place.

It could be genetics....my father had bad skin and so does my sister and my brother and so do i.

So in our case its definately genetics and i think this because i live in a country town so theres barely any air pollution, i eat clean and barel will drink a fizzy drink so it cant be whats going into my body...i wash my face with barely anything besides water and use nothing on my skin but witchhazel which is a natural astringent, to cleanse it.

So for your case you have to rule things out in order to see what possibilities are left to determine possible causes which then might give you an idea of how long the acne could take to clear up.

You could even be allergic to something that you are eating...so try experimenting and read labels on food and such.

So really....this isnt such a difficult question to answer. Knowing when acne will go away is up to you as you may find the cause might even be something simple like stopping drinking milk.

However for the vast majority we simply have to endure it the best we can....personally i think its down to a diet too rich in sugar and low in nutrients for a long period of time. Then to reverse it you need to just eat well and wait for your body to heal which could take....longer if you ate rubbish for a really long time or a short while if you didnt eat alot of rubbish for that long.

Atleast i think thats the case with me as i break out badly if i eat sugary things which is why i eat so well now with as many vitamins as i can and my skin has thanked me greatly for it!

Hopefully only a little while longer before i dont have to completely avoid all refined foods to not break out...

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