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Are You A Picker?  

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Hey im a picker, anything u can help me with to keep me from picking, lol its not helping my acne.. i need someone to help me.. tell me what to do :oops:

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Used to be, then decided that it did 10 times for damage than that short term good it did by getting the damn thing less visible. Most of mine that I don't pick turn out with no red spot at all after about a week, I wish I would have known that 2 years ago...I wouldn't have the problem I have now :? But yah. All I got is pre-existing red spots now...and they are hell. Don't pick, especially not with your hands.

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Picking doesn't come too appealing after you have people notice you have white chunks of BP on yuor face because of it, does it? :lol:

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Of course everyone picks, but if you are having a hard time stopping, and just feel a complusion to pick it could be something more than just a bad habit. If you think it might be a more serious problem, I recommend visiting http://facepick.tripod.com or the Save Face message board at http://www.network54.com/Forum/49010. Its for people with CSP (compulsive skin picking) that just can't stop picking. Someone mentioned one of these sites earlier on this message board and I would like to thank them for pointing them out, because its helped me so much. I don't know if you have a problem like this, but just in case. The sites provide some really helpful tips to stop the picking, even if you don't have CSP.

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Yes , I did pick and I will probably pick again but I am doing my best not to because fortunately I do not have scars yet and I want to stay like this . The problem is that when I get a big one or a white head I can not just let it like that eeewww , I work with people so something like this would be really gross . :? :roll:

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Trying REALLY hard not to be! It's like I have to psyche myself up for being nice to my skin before I go to the bathroom mirror. I feel and look so much better when I don't touch my skin, but it is very compulsive for me. I give myself little pep talks in the mirror while I'm doing my routine and then make sure I have to get away from the mirror fast- like to go feed the cat or something so that I can't hang around and pick. Keeping my paws off is really helping, along with Dan's regimen and loads of water.

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Here is something that I do to lessen how much I pick:

Find a smelly lotion, not one that will turn your stomach but something that is potent. I have a Victoria's Secret lotion that smells exactly like Hawaiian Punch and use it on your hands, alot. For some reason since the smell is so strong, when my hands are near my face I immediately realize it and stop. Also, when I have lotion on my hands, just the thought of touching my face is a bit creepy.

It is not 100% effective, but close.

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