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Manuka Honey Vs Raw Honey

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Can someone tell me which honey is best for acne? I have organic honey at home that i used to use with aspirin and i use to do aspirn masks. This was when my acne was mild and close to moderate.

The last few months i have been very depressed. I have acne again and male 26. I have cystic acne on my face in certain spots on my face.

I used to have a remedy for this which was a glycolic acid cleanser that worked for pimples and helped with red marks. Now it doesn't work at all and everyday its getting worst and worst.

I read about other stuff like tea tree oil etc but i read that is waste of time. I been using a basic gentle purpose cleanser and its not helping at all. I quit the glycolic acid cleanser b/c it doesnt work no more.

Can someone who use honey tell me which one they use? I dont care about the price at all or whatnot. Do i go with manuka or raw honey?

Should i use it as a cleanser or put it on few few hours at night and then wash it off?

Does it work for cystic acne? How long would it take to see results?

Is it more for acne or red marks/hyperpigmenation?

And is it best to use manuka honey that is umf 16?

I found this one where it has lot of great reviews but then i read lot of the reviews say they changed the manuka honey and thus its no longer like this anymore. So does that mean i should avoid this one?


I'm really losing my mind right now. I never thought i would have to go through this acne again and its taking over my life. I'm basically staying at home every single day b/c of this.

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I use Wedderspoon Manuka, it's good stuff. However I don't use it daily. I feel like using it once or twice a week works better for my hyperpigmentation marks then current acne. Make sure you wash it all off though. Improper washing could lead to clogged pores. Definitely try it out though, regardless of price. Also if you haven't tried aztec healing clay, give it a look. I mix it with ACV and form a mask 2-3 times a week.

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Should i get the 12+ or 16+? I read lot of good reviews from ppl who mention the 12 is good but higher is better... yet the review i read from ppl said the 16+ content of the manuka honey is now different??

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Also has anyone here broken out badly from the manuka honey? Is it also true your face gets worst before it gets better with it? I read one person said when you use it expect your face to break out a lot in the 1st week or so. But is this normal or do you use it and it just gets better?

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I recently changed my entire face routine in an attempt to go to natural ingredients. Its been frustrating trial and error but im now in a spot where im happy with what im doing.

I used honey for a few weeks, it wasnt manuka but ive heard wonderful things about it. I used a raw solid honey and i really liked how it cleaned my face but i had to stop because something just wasnt quite right. I have very oily skin, i get blackheads and cystic acne and i wear makeup so i needed something a little stronger. I dealt with a nightmare month of crazy breakouts and it was really stressful but the purging period, if it exists, i think is different for everyone. I cant say if i was purging or if i was driving my skin nuts because the changes. My previous routine was something i had done for more than 15 years but im trying to find things that are anti aging and oily skin helpful

Im 33 now, but hormonal changes had a lot to do with my acne throughout my 20s. I was clear as a bell until age 23, then i was good again until 28.

Tea tree oil works wonders for some people. Try it out on just one section and see how it goes. Dilute it though, very strong. But its got great anti bacterial properties to it. I can even use it on cuts and bug bites.

Some people use the honey as a mask, some use it for the night and/or morning routines.

Benzoyl peroxide has given me basically clear skin since i was in highschool. Like i said, my acne was really diet, stress, and hormonal issues. I use neutrogena bp. Its a low dose and just a few small drops on my problem areas really saved me from doing what youre doing- staying home because its affecting you so badly. I truly know what youre dealing with. I dont want to suggest the bp because im currently trying to get off of it because i feel like my face is addicted to it and it supposedly can cause some aging issues later in life.when i stop using it, i break out within a day or two. When i use it again, i stop breaking out. No getting around it. It works for my acne. If youre not super concerned with aging, give it a shot. I do not suggest the high percentages though. It can be very drying if youre not careful or if you dont use a good moisturizer. I actually applied it as my last step. Cleanse, tone, moisturize and then the bp. For me, even with that low dose, if i put it on before my moisturizer, it would dry out my skin and then i would break out even more. One major tip, dont get too excited about a product and then start going crazy with it. Youll end up with more problems.

Jug is right on the money with the aztec healing clay masks. Its cheap, its available at vitamin stores and i love it. I will never use another mask. My skin is sensitive so i can only use it once every two weeks, maybe every 10 days. Ive tried mixing it with both apple cider vinegar and just water. I like both ways and i love how i can just feel the icky stuff being sucked out of my pores. Washing it off makes my skin very smooth and pores are smaller for a couple days. One tip- a little goes a long way. My first time i made enough for about 5 people! Have fun with this mask, i really love everything about it.

Ok next thing (sorry this is long but i want to help with all the questions you have if i can, feel like im paying it forward for all the help ive received.) Cystic acne- 4 things work well for me. Witch hazel on a cotton round. If i press it gently against my cystic acne for a few minutes, the next day, the bump goes down. Not all the way every time but enough. Some small ones go away completely if i catch them early enough. Im still left with the red mark for a while but id rather that than a mountain. Dont rub just press gently. One way i catch cystic ones early is through washing. I feel for any underlying bumps and i treat them immediately.

2nd thing that works for me is lemon juice from real lemons that i cut. Not that crap in the bottle with all the additives. After i wash my face, i squeeze the lemon on a cotton round and saturate my entire face. At night i just let it dry and then use my toner and continue on with my routine. If i had a really bad one, id dip a qtip in it and put it on the spot even after my bp. And no need to waste the lemon. I would put both halves in a ziploc and put it in the fridge for the next night. Lemons are super cheap and i would go through 2 a week by storing them properly. You only squeeze about a tablespoon into a dish so you can use the same one for two or three days.

3rd and 4th thing (and these are my most recent discoveries from reading on this site) apple cider vinegar, applied the same way as the lemon (this i would feel comfortable leaving on and not using my toner (which happens to be witch hazel). I never left the lemon on over night because i felt that if i left it on my whole face that i might get dried out. But acv, diluted, has changed my life forever now thanks to a member on here. And lastly, aloe vera. Not the gel or a cream, but liquid. I found a brand at the vitamin shoppe that i really like. 98% organic and no nasty chemicals. Aubrey organics i think its called. Now this does not do the same thing as the other three things but wow did it calm my redness and inflammation down. A lot. I apply this liberally over the inflamed areas after my bp. What a difference. I will not use this everyday, just on days where breakouts are bad.

Im hoping that if i can find a balance with some of these things, i will be able to prevent more acne and get off the bp. Im not there yet, but i am hopeful.

The one thing im still learning about right now is the ph of the skin and the ph of products. I only skimming the surface on this topic but i know one thing for sure, for people with oily skin or acne prone skin, i would say its imperative to keep the ph balanced. I didnt even know what ph really was or why it mattered. I do now. A calm balanced face is a happy face.

I currently use dr bronners baby mild castile soap and i add some drops of grapeseed oil to it as its slightly drying even for my oily skin. I only do this at night to wash my makeup off. I follow with the acv mask, witch hazel toner, grapeseed oil to moisturize and my bp. Aloe vera if my face is breaking out. When i wake up, i skip the soap and use just the hot water in the shower and washcloth to gently remove any dead skin cells i wake up with. Then i use my toner and proceed from there. I learned for me, i dont need to wash with the soap twice a day. In fact, since i figured this out that over washing can damage your ph, my skin is already happier by easing up.

Ive tried a whole boatload of products over the last couple months so maybe i can help with questions on those or direct you to one of the other posters here that really knows their shit about all of this. :)

Just remember we are all different and even someone who has almost identical skin characteristics as me, their methods might not work for my skin.

Like jojoba oil, i was one of the few people on the planet that actually had a reaction. I didnt break out, it was just a skin colored painless and itch-less rash. Took almost two weeks for me to make it go away. But my soap has it in it and im fine. Its just using it as a moisturizer didnt work for me. Another thing ive learned, dont be scared to use "oils" on your face. Naturally with oily skin i thought it would be crazy to put almond oil or grapeseed oil directly on but i couldnt have made a better choice. Its wonderful. Just a drop and i havent had a skin flake in weeks. Fun fact- jojoba oil isnt really an oil but more of a wax that is said to mimic sebum production and "trick" our skin into thinking its balanced thus producing less oil. I did not have this experience with the oil production, but i think some people do.

Some dietary tips- i drink a lot of lemon water. Its naturally detoxifying and can really help out with overall health. Honestly just drinking a lot of water in general helps with everything. Your skins glow, its overall health...endless benefits obviously. The other thing im very disciplined about it what i eat. I wont say im completely organic and natural but i pay attention and the less preservatives and artifical crap i eat, the happier my intestines are and the happier my skin is. I dont believe for a second that eating chocolate or greasy foods causes breakouts, but eating healthy can only make general health better. Call me captain obvious with this, but sometimes we all forget with our busy lives just how important it is to eat well. And i truly believe it shows in our faces.

All the products i mentioned, are CHEAP!!! And they last for so long. Im pissed now that i spent $15 on my day moisturizer alone and it lasted for maybe a month. The grapeseed oil, its $10 and in over a month, im not even a quarter of the way through it. And its a fairly large bottle. Same with the witch hazel. Its like, $5. The castile soap? Ridiculously inexpensive and again, im not even a a tenth through the bottle. My old routine was all neutrogena products and even for being on the low end of price, i was still spending about $40 a month on all of it.

Crunchybettty, the lovevitamin, and makeup alley are some sites i love. This site is number one though.

Ok now that ive written a book and answered a bunch of questions you didnt ask, whats your skin type besides being acne prone?

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My skin is sensitive and acne prone.

I used bp before. It seemed to help a bit but i stopped it many years ago b/c i read it makes red marks last longer. Is that true or false? The only reason why i use salyclic acid as oppose to BP is b/c of that sole reason.

I currently have golden blossom pure honey at home. i assume that isn't the same as raw honey and probably wouldn't be effective at all since its pure honey?

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For me, bp did not make red marks on the non-cystic acne. After one goes away, my skin would go back to it's normal color/texture. For the cystic though, I always have a mark that lasts for a long time. Sometimes 6 months or more. I can't call it a scar because they do eventually fade. Lemon juice, honey spot treatment, hydroquinone, or a baking soda paste spot treatment help a little for me. I prefer not to use hydroquinone because I've read that it can be harmful to skin that is exposed to sun without an spf. Baking soda is said to help cell turnover but be careful with it, gently use circular motions to help exfoliate and as I've recently learned, don't do it on your whole face.

True acne scars have to have a more aggressive treatment if they last for a long time. Dermabrasion and laser therapy is usually suggested for that. My derm prescribed me finacea and aczone for my scars. It did nothing and I had a bad reaction to it. I personally wouldn't use that again.

All that I've read about honey seems to say that most kinds are equally effective. I used Kallas Pure golden honey in the bear bottle, but then I switched to this organic kind I found. It was in solid form and I just let hot water run over it to soften it up and then used a spoon to get it out. I liked that better because it was way less runny and my face felt cleaner. I have a friend who loves and uses the cheap honey in the bear bottle, but I don't like the idea of that because I know not all honey is "pure". Some are processed heavily with corn syrup. The one you're talking about looks ok to me, but I know the more raw, the better. Over processing honey takes some of the good antibacterial properties away.

I did not have good luck with salicylic acid treatments. They were fine in cleansers, but the spot treatment gel did nothing for my acne at all.

I really suggest trying the acv or the lemon mask. It really works for me. And I also suggest paying attention to keeping your ph balanced. One extreme or the other causes trouble.

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