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Loss Of Appetite, Lost 6 Pounds In One Week

i am a male and 18 years old. i have acne that i am trying to get rid of naturally because my mom will not let me use antibiotics, retinoids, SA, or benzoyl peroxide.

i have just started using tea tree oil for about 3 weeks. i have been taking zinc for 8 months and it helped a lot. i took only 30mg a day for the last 8 months. but then i realized that when i take more it gets rid of almost all of the acne instead of just 50% of it. i can not take 60mg because i get really sick. so i took 45 mg for 1 week. after about 1 day i started feeling extremely depressed, my tongue had sores on it, my acne went away, and i loss my appetite. i stopped after 1 week after i could not bear the depression anymore. the depression has decreased but is still there. the problem is i have no appetite. i used to eat 3,000 calories a day easily. for the past 5 days i have probably been eating 1200 calories a day. i went from 142 (already skinny for my height) to 136 pounds. i am very worried that is the zinc or the tea tree oil. i could not find anything saying that tea tree oil causes loss of appetite though. and since i am only taking 15mg of zinc now i do not understand how the appetite problem is being caused by zinc if i stopped it. does anyone know what is going on and will it stop? i have also noticed i only want to eat sweet stuff and i get no pleasure out of eating things like chicken anymore. please help.

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Hi there!

I was on the same track for 3 years before. (Depression and acne)

I once tried zinc supplement but it just made uncomfortable stomach gas in me ...so I gave it up.

Life was a hell to me!

Until there came a day, I read a book " The Vitamin D Cure" , written by a doctor..

It mentions how alkaline diet and vitaminD works in beating Hypertension, DM,..and even Acnes.

Since then, I turned to a new diet.

The following is my regimen:

I cut off all the sugar and salts in my diet. No cheese. No candy. No corn.No processed food

I have meat and vegetables in 1: 3 proportion.

I eat brown rice

More than 8 glasses of water/ Day

I drink lemon water in the morning (1/2 hour before breakfast) and before going to bed.

I take vitamin D 5000iu/ day.

I go sunbathing whenever it is possible.

I have 1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil/ day

I use warm water to clean my face only. No chemicals.

Lemon and Oragnes are super alkaline

Our body love it!

I found my mood, appetite and sleep quality were improved in just 2 weeks since having this regimen

I started to see the result on acnes in 3 month's time (minimal outbreak only)

Now, NO more outbreak , No more depression (9 months now).

I'm still on this diet, which makes me feel good from internal to external.

I'm so happy with the result.

That's why I'm here to share it with You. =D

Kind reagrds,

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