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Taking Doxy For 2 Months And No Improvement?

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hi im almost 20 years old and suffers with acne all my teenage years.i kept my acne under control by using biore for two years. however recently i started breaking out so bad on my cheeks and jaw line that my skin was all red that pimples were like small boils which also left dark spots. the doctor prescribe me with doxy and a face wash cethaphil which i've been using over 2 months.

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hi yes my skin is very itchy i dont wear make-up i dnt eat sweet stuffs.

however i do suffer with very itchy skin wen i shave my legs it gets really itchy wen i start scratching it i end with sore red marks on my legs i dont use any shaving cream coz my skin has reaction to it i just shave like dat then apply palmer coco butter lotion to my legs coz if i dnt apply it my legs still gets itchy??......i also suffer wid sunspots if thats any help??

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Hi, No itchy skin for me or other problems like boils but I have been taking Doxycyline 2 for 2 Months and a few days, no improvement what's so ever, I'm only on 50mg Once a day and I have mild to moderate Acne, not many big pimples or zits but deep, red marks and red spots but I was actually prescribed this medication for my dermatitis that resulted from Acne topical's like BP and such, still it's also for my Acne. How much bloody longer must I wait!

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