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Psychiatric Assessment Before Roaccutane Course?

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After trying Retin A, BP, epiduo, lymecyline and varying supplements/dietary changes GP referred me to a dermatologist to get on a course of roaccutane, derm is ok with that but asked me if I had a history of depression/suicidal tendencies. Told him I had been mildly depressed for ~3 years, the last of which being borderline very depressed. Finished 6th form last June, on a year out, besides bumping into a friend on the bus haven't see anyone for nearly a year now, I have attended one 'social function' in 3.

Basically said I have no confidence, low self esteem, hyper self conciousness ie. walk down the street and feel eyes on me, hear laughter and feel the need to ascertain it's not directed at me, rarely leave my room etc.

He has referred me onto a psych to clear me for roaccutane, said it's rare but anyone he has referred on has never been failed so to speak. I've never seriously contemplated suicide and have never attempted to either.

Just wondering if anyone has gone through this or know kinda what it entails? Go to uni end of September and feel like accutane is very much my last chance else I'll be just as reclusive there as I am know, which would be a shame.

Many thanks.

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