hello mates! it's been about 5 days since i used lemon on my acne spots(PIH) and few bumps i had. after 3 days or so..i broke out in places that i thought was either cured or only a small bump. also,the bumps which were really tiny grew bigger and they are like hard milia now..although am not sure if they are milia at all. i'm certain that it's the lemon juice which has caused this..because i have zits and whiteheads or bumps only in places where i'd put lemon juice for 3 days. i'm freaking out for i'd been hoping for mnths that i'd be better when on holiday(if i may call it) aftr abt a week...but,sadly i think i'll have to go on with spots even if the zits are healed.or may be bumps! although i was clear for more than a mnth now.=( i dnt see a way out!='( but i thought i must add this here for those who would want to try lemon juice on spots or scars. please be careful. some people dnt have any problem but for others(like me) it's a big problem! if u must try,i'd suggest u use it on one part or portion of ur face & body(if u have body acne) and check for more than 2-3 days. i dnt think one day is always enough for such tests. and then if u r absolutely sure than lemon juice is not a problem for u..go ahead! also,i'd like to know if u guys have any idea about why some people react badly to lemon while others don't? i'd want ur opinion. thanks, aana