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Sudden Breakout :(

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Last night I did everything as normal. Cleansed with Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and then moisturised with my 'holy grail' moisturiser and the next day I woke up with 5 whiteheads that I had to pop. Lets put it this way, they were huge and disgusting. Then I get home from college with two more which everyone will have had the change to see. I also took two milk thistle capsules that I never take, so I'm not sure that could have been the cause. I mean toxins from the liver have to go somewhere...maybe they came out through my skin?

I'm actually fed up. The minute things go well, I breakout. It's every time I go back to college too. Huge ugly whiteheads!

I don't know what to do anymore. My skin is too sensitive for the regimen. The products I'm using now aren't perfect and I'm sick of spending money on crappy OTC products. I've tried water-only, not washing and it all works for a while then BOOM, I breakout.

Any ideas as to why I got this sudden breakout? I now have nasty bumps left over from the popped whiteheads and two new whiteheads to add to that (which I won't pop). Sometimes I wish I had open comedones (blackheads), they're not as ugly.

I'd really like to do a low-dose of accutane, but I have hair-loss already and I'm on propecia for that. What terrible genes I've been cursed with...


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Acne is a funny bitch. She sometimes just jumps up and bites us in the ass. Milk Thistle can definitely cause a reaction so you'll to decide if you want to ride through it .....no pain no gain, right?

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