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Can Someone Please Help Me Identify This Mark?!

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I have tried to find even 1 picture of someone with something similar anywhere on their face but cannot (I've seen many others with similar mole on their cheek), but I am curious if because of the size/flesh color of it i could get it removed completely? Anyone have any idea?

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Hi Sterling,

I'm no expert, but it sure looks like it is a mole. If it didn't have a tan coloring at the top, I'd think it might even be sebaceous hyperplasia but the coloring rules that out I believe, plus seb. hyperplasia has a tiny indent in the middle, and there's almost always lots of them rather than just one.

Dermatologists always have solutions to dealing with moles. I'm sure one of them would offer you some way to remove it if it is very upsetting to you. If they do suggest a way to remove it, however, take the information they give you and go home to research what it involves before having it done.

Sometimes having a harmless little thing removed turns out to be not that much fun or it can sometimes leave a mark behind. To be really honest, that mole is very small and not bad looking at all. The rest of your skin looks quite beautiful. Would it be terrible to keep it? I can't imagine anyone actually honinig in on it when they see you - it's not ugly. I mean that honestly.

When you mentioned the place with missing bits of skin - do you mean the slightly squiggly line? That looks just like the remainder of a very ancient scar. Very shallow. Not even noticeable until you mentioned to look for it. I hope you'll learn to like your face more.

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It's definitely a mole and completely harmless. Your skin looks amazing, don't worry about it!

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