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My Prescription Mediation History

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I first saw a dermatologist on February 14 this year. I had moderate to severe acne, had tried all types of OTC creams and methods read online for clearing acne for 2-3 years. Never had acne until I turned 18 and moved to Texas. Last summer I moved back to Washington. anyways. My derm prescribed me 2 months of minocycline 100mg to be taken every 12 hrs and scheduled me an appointment to come back in 2 roughly 2 months. Also told me to use a 10% benzoyl peroxide wash. Did this for 1 month. Nothing. After about 5 and a half weeks I did finally start to see some results, not completely clear but better. When I went to see my derm again on April 8 she told me she wasn't happy with the results and wanted me to stop taking minocycline and start taking Bactrim "800-160m" every 12 hr for 2 weeks. after 5 days off minocycline, the breakouts came fast. I called my doctor, she then told me I just take both medications at the same time. She also had me come in and take pre blood tests for accutane. She wrote me a prescription for accutane, 120mg a day x 30. This script costs $850 in my area to fill at cheapest. I can't afford to pay that 5 times. Are there any suggestions you can make me? Please, I'm dying for help, I feel so disconnected with myself and my confidence and hope for getting rid of this acne, it's ruining how I live my life

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