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Tea Tree Novice Needs Your Help

I found Dan's regimen about 10 years ago and have used it ever since. I was so stunned when my acne began clearing using the regimen, especially after all the junk the derm gave me made my acne 10x's worse. I still remember the derm trying to get me to use accutane; this was before all of the side-effects were known.

Anyway, I'm ready to get off BP. Dan's original regimen called for 2.5% BP, a gentle cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizer. The regimen that has been most effective for me that I have stuck with for the better part of ten years has been: Neutrogena salycilyc acid cleanser, Persa Gel 10% BP, and Cetaphil SPF 15 moisturizer. I tried to tone down the dose of BP by using 5% persa gel, which apparently they only sell in Canada and had to be special ordered. This resulted in more frequent break outs so I went back to full strength.

After another ruined dress shirt and reading about the many negative effects of BP, I want to be done and try something else. The route I want to go is tea tree oil. I'm a little confused the best way to go about a tea tree regimen. My questions are as follows:

Do I still use a gentle cleanser like SA or a cetaphil or buy a tea tree infused cleaner?

Do you apply the tea tree mixture in the am and pm?

Does anyone make a teat tree cream or gel that is good or is it best to dilute pure tea tree and apply yourself?

Any particular brands you would/would not reccomend?

Can I should I still use my cetaphil moisturizer with tea tree? Do I apply this immediately after the tea tree oil?

Should I "wean" myself off BP before stopping cold turkey?

Your thoughts and experiences are greatly appreciated.

I’m also make a concerted effort to improve my lifestyle (quitting smoking, cutting back drinking, exercise and better foods) to hopefully break my acne cycle before I’m 30.



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Think of tea tree oil as any other topical acne treatment. Yes you can wash your face with whatever works for you, use whatever moisturizer works for you, but obviously put the TTO on before the moisturizer. Wait until the TTO dries to put it on. It'd probably be best to just dilute it yourself to avoid any fraggrances, clogging, or irriating ingredients in a commercial formula that you may be unaware of. I'm sure you can put it on morning and night, but start off once a day like anything else. Also I'd recommend a patch test on your neck, jaw line, or arm to check for any allergies or bad irritation. Make sure you have a tried and true dilution formula, because too little will obviously be inneffective and too high could be damaging/irritating. Good luck!

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