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Need Advice About Coping With Scars

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My acne scars which are usually pigmented and dark sense I am part Asian and African American, take a long time to heal. I have tried using retinoids, vitamin E, and many other scar treatments. This is going to sound stupid, but I am literally terrified at the thought of people seeing me without make up due to the scars that are fairly abundant across both my cheeks. I recently got engaged, and thought to myself it is ridiculous that I still cannot let my fiance see me without at least some concealor to hide the scars. I want so badly to go out and be myself without needing to put on so much make up, which in turn does not help with the acne problem. Does anyone have any advice? Make up makes my acne worse (leading to more scarring), but I am too scared to even go to bed without it on because my fiance will see how I look in the morning. This problem has been going on for a while to the point where I even sleep in a different room so that he will not have to see me.

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i have a lot of self confidence issues about my acne marks and scars as well... something that has sort of skewed my way of thinking though recently is this video >

she just delivers a really awesome message.

i really recommend watching it, and i hope it helps you in some way smile.png

and also.. maybe try using a bb cream when you go to bed? (if you really feel the need to wear to bed with your fiance)

cause it will at least be helping your skin in some way?

just a recommendation smile.png

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