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People Not Supporting Me

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So i have acne for about 4 years. Nothing is really helping me. I have moderate acne and its mostly on my forehead and between my eyebrowns. My mom would always tell me to do something about it. I have tried everything from proactiv to DKR to putting apple cider vinegar on my face and smelling like ****. Nothing works for me, it keeps coming back. Once in a while my mom would look at my face and just make that sighing noise which drives me crazyyy. My parents would tell me that i have so much pimples a thousand times and i tell them to stop telling me that because i already f***ing know that . It just makes me so angry and desperate. I would stare at the mirror and hope it will just go away.

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I'm sorry you have to deal with that. I really don't like it when people pass unnecessary comments. Maybe it's your parents way of showing concern.

Have you been to a dermatologist? Have you tried avoiding certain foods? Do you take supplements?

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Hey bro, I've not commented much in this blog but I felt like I needed to comment in your thread.

I used to have horrible acne for several years. I didn't have any support either and people would make fun of my acne. Fortunately I didn't let that get to me but it did encourage me to go on a research to find the root to my acne. I don't know what kind of acne you have but...

1. Don't drink cow milk or anything that is made from it.

2. Take optizinc 30-60mg, vitamin A between 3,000 to 5,000 ui, vitamin D3

3. Don't use any chemical on your face like bezoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, go with natural stuff. I use 100% pure tea tree oil.

4. Try not to eat a lot of greasy stuff

5. Drink a lot of water

6. Work out

That got rid of my hormonal acne.

I tried all kinds of crap like accutane, proCRAPtive, laser and a bunch other "dermatologist recommended" stuff.

Don't waste your money in a dermatologists. Trust me.

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Next to going to a dermatologist, the best we can do is try and find ways to fight acne on our own. Just gotta keep trying bro, whether it's doing the regimen, not drinking milk, taking supplements, avoiding greasy food, drinking lots of water, exercising, accutane, benzoyl peroxide, moisturizing, etc. you're just gonna have to try them all. Worst thing you can do right now is give up, and damn man your parents are definitely not helping you by putting salt on your wounds. Acne man such a waste of our time and lives. How many times have I spent in front of a mirror hoping things will be different? Talk to your parents, let them know your serious about getting rid of acne and if they comment so much on it they should help you out too. But honestly it's a one-man struggle physically and mentally within ourselves. Gotta keep trying ...

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