i will not elaborate much on the 'acne' or 'whitehead' parts here. i'll jump to the part which addresses the red/brown spots or marks(not exactly scars) that is left after acne. also,i'd add other sort of pigmentation which may be caused by whiteheads or otherwise. some say that CLINDAMYCIN PHOSPHATE GEL helps with scars or marks.(i'll omit the scars since am pretty sure they aint healed with any gel). others refuse and think that its just an antibiotic in topical form and all it does it heal acne/whiteheads. my dermatologist once said that faceclin gel(which has clindamycin phosphate 1 % w/w, nicotinamide 4 % w/w)heals acne plus helps with the mark/spot while healing. Now if that's for the 1st ingredient or the 2nd or both..am not sure). so,today am asking 'WHETHER CLINDAMYCIN PHOSPHATE GEL HELPS IN HEALING RED/BROWN SPOTS OR MARKS LEFT AFTER ACNE/WHITEHEADS ??' kindly answer. this post if meant for discusion. + hello mates! i am posting this in an desperate(but silly as it may sound) attempt to seek help and suggestion in lightening my dark spots and kinda clearing my lighter spots(post-acne marks/spots etc) fast.may be in weeks..like 2-3 weeks may be! am really sorry for sounding this insane(as many may think) but i need to figure out something and atleast give things a try. i am in urgent need. so please give me some suggestions and experience! also,please mention if it would help in any sort of hyperpigmentation. aana