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White Scars

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Got these white scars on neck. Making me really depressed. Any way to treat them? Do you think accutane causes one to scar like this?

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Hmm, sorry to say but there's no effective treatment for hypopigmented scars apart from surgical removal. You could try dermarolling which supposedly blends them in, but I'm not sure it's safe in the neck area because of the large blood vessels and nerves. Laser treatments may also blend them in, but I don't have much information about it. Time will probably help fade them to some extent. And if you're rich, then look into Recell treatments in Europe.

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Lol..dude dont hear anyone .

Take white iodine,or iodine tincture 2%(preferably white since it is pure potassium iodide)

and saturate your smallest hypopigmented scar 3-4 times a day.

If you do it well,you will see at day 3-4 the scar to scab and be hyperemIc.

That means regeneration begins underneath.When you keep on doing this,the bottom regenerate

skin will eventually come from bottom to up,while the hypopigmented skin will peel away.

Try it.Its very possible the melanocytes will come from bottom to up ,unlike any other treatment .

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Have you actually managed to remove hypopigmented scars with iodine, panos?

it is my complexion like that ,that the hypopigmentation resolves on its own after few years.

We have to make a difference here(or not):Are we actually talking about normal skin patches without pigmentation

or are we talking about about scars that are white and elastic.

I believe everything can be removed with iodine. All we need is the nearby melonacytes to reach the treated area and that seems feesible

when the iodine makes the tissue hyperemic.Also if you dermastamp it or take a toothpick and begin to scartch it till it bleeds slightly,then apply iodine,

seems like the best strategy.You open the scar tissue,and the iodine will take care of the pathogenic load and prevent fibrosis=normal looking skin.

I do believe that all these differences to the scars are completely useless.Its just a failure of the skin to regenerate all its content.

If somethings works for one type on scar it will work for the others.

But it would better to take the iodine and begin to apply it(white iodine 2%)..Trust me at least to flat scars it is by far the best stuff.

My hypertrophic scar has been flat now with weird scubbing and red lines coming through,with just a small raised area in the center,that will

also get flat.Man ,i cant recommend it more to flat and hypertrophic.

When it comes to atropical,it seems like someone should apply the stuff heavily so the regeneration will begin from deep deep down.

And continue to maintain this sort of scub by applying for a considerable time.

Most of the methods are useless,cause they are just targeting the epidermis wand justlittle amouns of dermis(like needling) while not

preventing fibrotic healing.

On the other hand ,iodine target deeper layers plus preventing fibrosis due to he anti-microbial properties.

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I assume its like what this guy has on his upper back, those kinda white spots?


I got loadsa them as well, right nightmare they are, im not so sure of the lad above me and iodine, not sure it would make them scab up or react at all. Im thinking the only hope is hoping time will flatten some of them and then maybe tattoo colour because the pigment cant come back. Some people mention recell but i dont think it is producing the results it was meant to. Its a rough one, hopefully something will be found to improve them!

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