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Treatment Of Single Large Ice Pick Scar, To Treat At Home Or By Professional?

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I am not concerned with completely removing this scar but just making it less noticeable as there is smooth skin and suddenly a hole. I would estimate it is 1mm - 2mm in size. I believe the hole was from a large blackhead squeezed many many years back. I am young(ish) in my mid 20's and I'm interested in TCA cross as I've read that this can be very effective, I even have researched how the procedure is done. It just seems a bit crazy paying hundreds for a single treatment of a single ice pick scar when I have TCA sitting at home... I understand people whom say this should be left to professionals but it seems like extortion to have them do this for a split second and earn money out of it.

Basically I understand that 50%+ is needed to be applied to see effects, however I have read a few posts in regards to 25% on ice pick scars and some success has been seen. All I want it a LITTLE bit of success, not for it to fully go away as this would be plain greedy. I have 25% TCA and was very close to applying this with a toothpick as the professionals do. What are thoughts? Do I run the risk of increasing the holes size?

Many thanks.


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You could perhaps try it, and if it doesn't give you results or ends up making things worse, you can just go to a plastic surgeon and have the ice pick excised. I would just go straight for an excision (done by an experienced plastic surgeon), as I think that in your case with only one scar the outcome could look really good cosmetically.

My ice picks weren't helped by cross aside from a couple exceptions, and I'm starting to think that it generally works with very small but deep ice-picks - even narrower than 1mm. I'm generally very much against TCA cross done at home due to the risks, but if you only have one scar and are very careful and do your research, it's not really that risky to treat one scar only, I suppose. Perhaps worth a short, and like I said, you can always excise it if turns out worse. Good luck!

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Many thanks for the reply, could anybody take me through punch excision? I don't want to be paying hundreds that is my only issue. Has anybody had this procedure done on an ice pick scar? How was the outcome and was it cost effective?


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I'd recommend a normal scalpel excision (oval-shaped) instead of a punch excision (round), just because the wound seems to close better and have less pressure on it during healing, which would result in a less noticeable scar. That's just what I've been reading about it. I don't have personal experience yet, but I'm planning on getting a consultation with a plastic surgeon fairly soon, and excise one or two scars if they think it's a good idea.

I'd go to an experienced facial plastic surgeon and get a consultation first, not a derm. If I've understood correctly, plastic surgeons usually tend to use a scalpel, and derms a punch tool. And plastic surgeons are much more experienced in the procedure in any case.

And unfortunately, it is likely to cost a couple hundred dollars, depending on where you're getting it done. So at-home TCA cross would be much cheaper, although it's also risky (in my opinion more risky than excision).

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