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I was wondering whether anyone has used Alpha-H Liquid Gold before to try and reduce hyperpigmentation acne scars? Or whether anyone could offer some advice as to which products I should try to reduce the redness.

My scarring is very mild and only shallow and across my cheeks. But, they are very red and even full coverage make-up doesn't seem to do the trick.

Any help would be appreciated! :)

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are they scars(deep or raised) or just spots/marks?like i have both spots and raised scars.and two hollow scars as well.

if they are scars..u need to take medical help to fill them up.(thats what my derma said).

but if they are spots/marks darker(red or brown) then u can use peel,AHA face wash or lightening creams to speed up the fading.

the time span does depend on how the marks are,really.

like for example,some post acne spots fade really fast may be within a mnth or two.but some others are arrogant & doesnt budge for as long as years.

even i have red marks.so i had been prescribed lightening cream.which is helpful in a way but it's a lil' problematic for i feel it clogs my pores.so i only use in a few bad spots.carefully.

u could use AHA face wash.they are less harsh.and continued use of it instead of ur regular cleanser or face wash will not only aid in keeping acne,blemishes or blackheads away(to some extent) but also help in fading marks.(i think..going by logic since they clear up the dead skin cells on the upper layer of skin!)

some use medical techniques like laser or peeling(high %) too.

could u add a picture of that particular area.it would be easier.

i could add mine too for ur better understanding.=)


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