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Need Advice (Photo's Attached)

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I'm a 17 year old boy and for the past 5 months or so i've been having these small spots on my forehead, there seems to be thousands of them. In some lights and at a distance they are un-noticeable but if I look in my mirror in the daytime they are very noticeable I don't know what they are but I will try to explain any changes in my skin care routine.

Around october last year, I woke up one day with my forehead covered in these small spots, I immediately went out with my mum and bought some clearasil products (Toner and cleanser) after about a week of using them I stopped because it was clear what I had was not acne and was making things worse. Prior to this I hardly ever got a spot apart from the occasional spot on my cheek or between my eyebrows.

My skin started to become oilier and then I stopped using moisturiser because it seemed to aggravate the spots. What I noticed is that whenever I got a haircut the spots will decrease rapidly in number for a few days or so. This leads me into thinking it has some relation with keratin. I have read somestuff about exfoliation but my forehead is very sensitive to touch and is quite itchy, if I raise my eyebrows it compresses the spots and gives me this itchy feeling. When I shower I try hard not to get the shampoo going over my face and I experimented for a while using a gentle cleanser for my face but this also seemed to aggravate this. So I have been taking tepid showers every night. I should add my cheeks are completely clear, only my forehead, inbetween my eyebrows and my nose is affected

It is quite embarrassing and affects my confidence a little bit, so I would be grateful for any advice. Or if someone has a similar condition.

(Deleted photo).

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Well first it could be milia, my second thought goes to allergic reaction to some product and my third small white heads.

In any of these case is best if you could see a dermatologist.

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Thank you^, could you possibly recommend a course of treatment which wont aggravate it further?

I am seeing my GP on tuesday morning, I will try and get referred to a dermatologist but if that fails then I will just carry on with the GP.

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As we don't know the diagnostics we need to keep it simple as possible.

Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser and moisturize twice a day.But if it's the third option you will probabil need some BP or tretinoin cream.

Will see what your GP says!

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