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Derm Prescribed Wrong Amount Of Accutane, Not Sure What To Do...

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I've been taking 10mg a day of accutane for one month and went back to my derm yesterday and was prescribed 20mg a day for my second month (10mg with breakfast and 10mg with dinner). I went home and answered the ipledge questions and went to drop off my prescription and was told that the prescription she wrote was only for a two week supply since she wrote dispense 30 so they can only give me 30 10mg pills when I actually need 60.

I ran out of pills yesterday so I need to fill this today. I was my derms last appt yesterday so I tried calling and even went back to the office and nobody was there. I left a message and emailed the front desk person. My derm only has appts one to two days a week (this week she only had friday) or else I would have gone earlier for my appt and wouldn't have waited until my last day of my pills.

My question is, is it possible for me to fill the two week supply prescription she gave me today and see if she can call in another two week supply early next week (still in my 7 day window from my blood test). Or would I be able to fill this prescription and then get another pregnancy test a week and a half from now and go see her again to get the prescription for two more weeks? Are you able to fill prescriptions two weeks apart or would that cause an ipledge problem? I figure as long as I fill a prescription within 7 days after a negative pregnancy test they won't care that this month is twice as opposed to once.

My derm made the mistake so this is her problem to figure out, but I don't have much confidence in her to actually do something to fix this.

Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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You can only fill an accutane prescription every 30 days. Don't fill your prescription until you call your doctor or you will have to deal with being on a lower dose for the month.

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