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New To This Forum - Introduction

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Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to this forum because I just recently discovered this after trying to find methods to reduce my acne breakouts :/

I just started getting a lot of acne in college and it's pretty depressing actually..even though I have a lot of friends it's still very discouraging to go outside and hang with them because of the way I look. I'm 21 and the breakouts just started happening in all areas such as my cheeks, forehead, chin, you name it. It's making my college experience a pretty sad one..

I started popping them and now I have a lot of scars and marks that make my face look even worse haha, and I tried using medication such as BP, SA, cleansers, moisturizers but I feel like all those just make my face even more damaged and sensitive to breakouts and such.

I just decided to post this because I hope to get some advice or anything on how to get through this if anyone has been through the same situation.. D: Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope for better things to come!..

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I suggest just spending a few hours exploring the site. If the basic medications haven't worked for you it may be time to amp it up a bit, and see a physician or a dermatologist for some Retin-A, antibiotics, or Accutane. Most OTC stuff isn't too effective for us more severe cases!

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