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Geheneris HalaSon Mahrvehl

What kind of zit is this

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Now I had a bad case of cystic acne, but I'm completely clear of it. But now I'm noticing these small bumbs that aren't discolored or anything and aren't active looking. These spots I notice though don't go away like regular acne using any kind of product and after about a couple of weeks it will turn into an active zit. Please Help! cry.gif

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I think those are just small whiteheads. I get those sometimes... they'll just sit on my face for a few weeks and then they'll turn red and become inflamed like a regular zit. Pretty gross, but I don't know what you can do about it. They just have to run their course, I guess. Maybe someone else has better advice. I always leave them alone as much as I can, because sometimes they'll just go away on their own if they don't get all red and gross.

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I can guarentee you these are from using Bp. You probably never got them before using Bp i bet. You can't do anything to them, and they take forever to go away. Yea, i learned the hard way too...

I use SA now anyway, not too much Bp at all. Too harsh.

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i have the same problem, flesh coloured bumps on my face that gradually over the weeks become inflamed and painful. Here was mine on my upper lip

user posted image

It was just so irritating, i steamed my face for a bit then attemtped to squeeze it, some blood and puss came out, however the bump remains!

I'll probably have a permanent dark bump there now cry.gif

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isn't differin a tretinoin derivitive? like retin a? because if so, it should take care of bumps like that. i think it's one of the only things that can take care of non-inflamed, clogged pores. i've been on retin-a-micro and i only have a few clogged pores left (i used to have a ton). just stick with the differin.

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