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Men - What Works For You?

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^ in the title really,

I feel like male acne is a lot more stubborn (generally men have thicker, oilier skin than women) and a lot of the ladies on here combine their treatment with birth control or other hormone related treatments that we men obviously cant use.

So without wanting to look sexist I thought it would be worth creating a thread for guys to post what they are using and what works for them.

Include any vitamins/supplements, too, because I imagine the different vitamins would work differently in male bodies (im no scientist so correct me if im wrong).

Ive also read a lot different things regarding masturbation - for some people, absitence works, but ive read that masturbating on a regular basis works for some guys too, maybe that levels out hormone levels if you do it routinely?

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I abstained last year and it did clear me up to a certain extent but then you find your 30ish days in and you cave. Its not really sustainable IMO.

I take B5, B complex, Acetyl L Carnitine, NAC and saw palmetto and it was working from Dec til mid April, I was 90% clear and was pretty much happy with whatever was left. (I get acne around my mouth). Anyway just last week I brokeout with like 8-10 whiteheads which was strange as I never get them and never breakout with more than 3 spots!

Its still going but I feel/hope it will fade and go back to normal I dont know what else to try at this stage.

I felt like I had found what mostly worked for me but perhaps not:/

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I may try saw palmetto again. I was informed to take it at night which caused me to be a very light sleeper with vivid dreams. Hopefully taking it in the morning may help. I'm also possibly looking into trying clearetto.

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I take Propecia 1 mg for my hair loss and that has very similar DHT inhibiting properties as Saw Palmetto does. I wouldn't say it's done anything significant for my acne, but I do think it has helped a little bit.

I'm thinking of just taking a good quality, daily multivitamin in the future, as they've helped me in the past. I really hate taking 5324 different ones, when I can just take them all in one single pill.

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