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Been On Regimen 3 Months, No Results

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I've been on the regimen for 3 months now, and I'm not seeing any results.

I've had moderate to severe acne for 8 years, I'm 19 now with slightly oily skin.

I've been on several prescription (never accutane) and over-the-counter medications, primarily in combination with BP ranging from 2.5% to 10% concentrations, which I've been using for the full 8 years I've had acne.

I find that my acne only improves when my skin is extremely flaky, which occurred for the first month of being on the regimen, however my skin is very resistant and is able to handle as much BP as I throw at it (up to 2 finger lengths every 12 hours for the past 2 weeks now) and I'm not seeing any flakiness, nor improved acne.

Additionally, every time I use the moisturiser, I wake up with a face full of new zits - it seems as through the moisturiser is making my skin worse.

I'm following every step of the Regimen to the word, I time my treatments exactly 12 hours apart, carefully monitoring how gentle I am with my skin, and I never touch my face except to apply cleanser/treatment/moisturiser.

Is the Regimen for me? I can't imagine that it will suddenly start working after 3 months of being useless. I have no access to a derm, and never living in one place for long enough to have the weekly or monthly blood tests required for accutane, so the regimen is my last resort short of taking a belt sander to the face.

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Hello Yisek

Sounds like you have been using Regimen for a while now and in thinking you skin has got used to it and therefore less affect is happening. However you spoke about the moisturisor making your face worse and that your face is not becoming dry or flaky much anymore.

I strongly suggest you use less moisturisor if any and only when it becomes 'very flakey'. When you get dry skin leave it for aslong as you can because it wil stop the build up of acne in its tracks.

Also consider looking at a product with salicylic acid to breakdown existing pimples and blackheads.

Im sure if you saw a derm they would recommend this system anyway to be honest with you Yisek.

Hope this helps


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If anything else failed , I would defenetly suggest accutane.

Is the only "cure" for acne at the moment.

However as you probably know it involves quite a lot of side effects but the most common ones are dry/chapped lips and dry skin.

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Hello there... Sorry that you are not seeing the results you'd like on the regimen, however, I believe we may be able to help you get down to the problem. First, what products are you using on the regimen? Is it the products suggested on the website? Remember that using products outside the suggested brands on this site will not give you the same results. Second, with severe acne, results of the regimen do take longer than indicated on the clear skin time line (I should know... lol). Third, with your breakouts, are they lessening in severity? This is an indication, that in fact, the regimen is working, you just need to be patient. Lastly, have you tried taking the acne questionnaire to determine if you are misstepping along the process? Believe it or not, we often aren't performing the regimen as we should, although it may seem that way. Try taking the questionnaire and see if there is something amiss... If, by the end of your 4th month on the regimen, you do not see any improvement, you may want to visit a dermatologist to determine if you need stronger prescription medication to treat your acne. From personal experience (I also suffered from severe acne since my early teens), it took around 4 months to see marked improvement and 6 months to have clear skin. I did some missteps along the way, that set me back, but I didn't allow it to deter me. Give it a try and let us know how it's going. Keep us up to date and good luck!!! :)

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