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Allergic Reaction To Birth Control?

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So I went on birth control for a week...

My skin was clear when I started; I had a very laid back regimen... only cleanser. The same day I also made the decision to stop washing my face and using products (caveman regimen) which made sense because my occasional acne was strictly due to stripping my skin of it's natural oils, leading to over production of oil, and clogged pores.

When I started, my breakouts began immediately. jawline, in-between eyebrows, my skin was horrendous, and my face was super super oily. these breakouts weren't awful because they were mainly flesh colored and i wasn't going to stress myself out more.

By the end of the week, it looked like i had severe acne. (the only issues i've ever had with my skin were clogged pores so It was a lot to take in emotionally)

My face was hot, blotchy, and these bumps were coming and going throughout the day--- after a shower they were gone, I'd go to sleep, wake up the next morning, and within 30 minutes they were back, inflamed, oily.

The oil production was hormonal, I think... which probably led to a few clogged pores mixed in there, but most seemed like these weird temperamental rashes

I stopped the birth control last night, and it's definitely still in my system because the rash is still coming and going, but the oil production has slowed a bit.

I also found that the rash would flare up when I was dealing with different emotions... if i looked in the mirror and got myself worked up about it (definitely emotional side effects to birth control) it would flare up... while if I distracted myself with a television show for an hour, it seemed to subside dramatically.

something like a stress-induced, hormonal allergic reaction?

Who knows!!!! I am definitely going to see my doctor today or tomorrow to see what is up...

anyone deal with issues like this before?

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