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Hello everyone!

I posted about 9 weeks ago or so - looking for more advice! Here is my current regimen:


Wash face with BP 2.5% wash

Apply Neutrogena Oil-Free Combination skin lotion


Take 100 mg Minocycline

Wash face with Cetaphil mild cleansing bar

Wait 30 minutes

Apply Tretinoin Cream .05%

Wait 30 minutes

Apply Neutrogena Oil-Free Combination skin lotion

I was pretty clear for the last 5 1/2 years, but then last summer I started breaking out here and there. In October it started to be a pretty consistent breakout and has stayed that way ever since - normally 4-5 inflamed pimples on my face at one time.

I am just feeling discouraged because I'm starting my 12th week tomorrow on this regimen and I'm still breaking out. Right now I have 5 inflamed pustules on my face (and 2 really mini ones), and I definitely thought by this point I would be clear. I went to see my derm 3 weeks ago and she said everything looked relatively under control, but she switched me from doxy to mino because the doxy didn't seem to be doing much and made me nauseous. I saw my GP today on an unrelated issue but asked her about my skin. She said tretinoin can take 4/5/6 months to stop breakouts, and that I should give it another month or two and then I might want to consider Accutane. This just really freaked me out - I always thought Accutane was for severe acne, but she said it could be for "mild but stubborn" cases as well. This contradicts what my derm said, as my skin looked pretty much the same as it does right now when I saw her and she said it was "pretty clear."

I am noticing that the tretinoin is clearing pimples a lot faster and erasing red marks. But anyone have thoughts on this? Should I expect breakouts to stop in the next couple months? And do you think Accutane is a realistic thing to suggest when I was breakout-free for so long and have only been on this regimen for 11 weeks?

Thanks guys!!!

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