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Uk Hot Cloth Cleansers And Ren Skincare

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Hey guys,

Well I've been without BP 2.5% since last summer and it must be just about out of my system as I'm having a massive flair up. Shocker. I thought I'd be able to control it by using nice face creams and just being generally careful.. Obviously not! I'm just about to buy some of Dan's BP gel through Amazon but I want to know if anyone has been trying the hot cloth cleansers and also, if anyone has tried the REN skincare range. Specifically the moisturisers and masks.

I guess watching the video of exactly what to do in the regimen again has shown me a few things. The whole irritation thing.. That must mean that the hot cloth part of the cleansers are NOT helping, right?! Also, are face masks are a no-no too? I'd love to hear thoughts..

I'll be in the minority here as I'm an older acne sufferer at 28. I know how drying the gel can be and one of my concerns is the wrinkles that are starting to appear. (I know, wrinkles AND acne.. What a treat I look at the moment!) I'd really like an recommendations of anti-aging products in the UK too. Preferably not too cheap..

Thank you in advance..


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Olay regenerist products are good! The recovery night cream, aso flawless moisturiser.

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