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Glycolic Or Lactic Acid Peel For Hyperpigmentation?

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I have some mild hyperpigmentation on my face and shoulders, with a few bad spots. I am currently using the skinlaboratory glycolac 60 which contains both in smaller percentages, and it is working quite well so far. But after it is done I would like to move up to a stronger level 3 peel, I just dont know which one is doing more to help heal my hyperpigmentation, the glycolic or lactic. Any info would help me out in deciding alot. Thanks!

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I am telling this from my experience. I have brown/red hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and jawline. I used 40% Lactic Acid for 2 months and it did not do much for my marks but it did get rid of my acne.

Then I used 18% and 25% TCA peels. Each one time. They got rid of the marks around my jawline but the marks on my cheeks still remain and visible.

You may want to start with something low.

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