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I don't really know where to begin. I religiously followed the regimen for a few years and it worked great for me, but then I started to breakout with non inflamed acne on my forehead. Realizing that maybe the BP wasn't the solution for this and that perhaps I was doing more harm than good for my skin, I decided to wean myself off of BP. Now, I've been free of BP for about 3 months and my skin is absolutely terrible. I had worse acne a few years ago before I first started the regimen, but now I have scars and bumpy skin and less severe acne (but this is just as bad if not worse as the acne I had). I don't know what to do anymore. Two weeks ago my skin actually looked pretty good; this week it is terrible. I don't know what is causing these fluctuations in my skin and I'm not able to isolate what factor causes the fluctuations. In the past 3 months I have been on 2 antibiotics for about 9 days each (for health issues unrelated to acne). Both times my skin cleared up to an extent, but I cannot determine whether this was from the antibiotics themselves, the increased water consumption, or the improved digestion. I started to think maybe it was the makeup I had been using that caused my problems to start while still on the regimen, yet I've been off of that for a month or so now. I started taking probiotics to improve my digestion. I stopped eating nuts this week because I thought maybe that was contributing. I am sick and tired of feeling ugly and not being able to look at myself in the mirror. I NEVER can look at myself in the mirror even from a distance if I am wearing my glasses, they make my imperfections all to clear to me and I'd rather pretend that is not how I appear to others. I apologize for the disorganization of this post and any grammatical errors that may be present. If anyone has any advice for me I am open.

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I'm convinced that long-term BP use leads the skin to become addicted. Either that, or my acne is just too terrible, despite everything I've done, to go away without medication. I've tried twice now to get off BP and it hasn't worked. This last round, I suffered for over a year with HORRIBLE acne (that appeared 2 days after stopping BP) and tried every dietary, supplement or natural holistic method to cure myself. In the end, I made the decision to go back on BP and right now I'm 99% clear. As soon as I put BP back on my skin again, it was like it began to function normally and heal the acne. It's like my normal skin (for whatever reason) cannot heal.

I wish you luck in trying to get off BP, but don't suffer endlessly if you don't see improvements. Medication works, and life is too short to suffer like that when there is something that can help.

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in my late 20's I tried some stuff called "Clearogen" and it worked. I had bad cystic acne and in a span of a couple months it all subsided. I continued using it for a couple of years then just stopped and it never came back. I'm 31 now and haven't got a cyst for like 4 years now. Still get an occasional pimple or 2 but nothing even in the same universe as what I used to have.

its worth a try or whatever, it might of just worked for me or I might have grown out of my severe acne stage. It could of been a coincidence but thats my 2 cents.

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