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Using Both Benzoyl Peroxide & Salycic Acid?

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Is it a good idea to 'rotate' both ?

Edit: I have cystic acne. I feel the zit 'under' my skin for about a day, the next day it starts to push through the skin, the second day it's pretty noticeable and i usually pop it. (I know I'm not supposed to pop them, but I do anyways. Not tryna walk around with little pus-filled bubbles on my face lol). I don't have many black heads.

I would classify my acne as moderate. It's not really severe...only if it REALLY breaks out.

Say for example...


-Wash with product containing Benzoyl Peroxide

-Then apply cream containing Salycic Acid


-Wash face with product containing Salycic Acid

-Then apply cream containing Benzoyl Peroxide

...vice versa and so on.

That's getting best of both worlds, correct? As opposed to using strictly washes & creams with Benzoyl Peroxide or strictly using products & creams with Salycic Acid?

Many thanks.

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I take it this website's forum isn't very active?

I guess I'm too used to the MISC. (sub-forum on a bodybuilding forum) One of the most active forums in the internet...

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Miscers gonna misc. I dunno about your question though brah. Pls stay safe though.

how the fukk did a miscer find another micsers topic on a completely different forum

miscers gonna misc

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DON'T USE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME! This will just cause more acne because both products together are very harsh. Try to figure out which one works for you. Through research and personal experience I've learned that salicylic acid is great for emergency fixes and spot treatments, while benzoyl peroxide is better for long term prevention/control.

Try using benzoyl peroxide products on your skin and find natural sources of salicylic acid, like strawberries and other fruits. That might also work.

Hope this helps!

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It could work. Research "Botchla Regimen". This regimen uses SA to unclog pores and prepare your skin for BP which disinfects and kills acne bacteria.

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